My Actifit Report Card: June 21 2019

Hello people, how are you. Hope y’all doing good wherever you are. If it seems I’m posting my report a bit early today, forgive me. It ain’t my fault. There’s power outage and I can’t tell if the lights will be back. Incase they aren’t back, I can’t tell if the network will still be good after 11. After typing my report for yesterday, the network went off so I couldn’t post. I don’t want same thing happening today.

Anyways, my day was good, even though disappointing. If you’ve been following, I said I will be going to see an MP today. Well I went to his office and he didn’t show yet again. It’s very difficult to see “big men” here in Ghana so I just hope I get to see him sooner than later.

I went back to school from there, as I left much sooner today. Went to see a friend who had traveled over the weekend and she bought some fishes. I went to take a couple of them and that’s what’s in the pic. She says it’s an eel but I’m not so sure. Maybe you can help me with that.

Used the fish today and I can say it’s tasty. I did enjoy it. I hope to make more friends who get me fishes more often. I would end here as I’m typing in the dark, which isn’t good for my eyes. Until we meet again, have a good night.

Daily Activity
178 cm
78 kg
Body Fat

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