Camping 1991

Between Portland (PDX), Oregon, and the coast, lies miles of forest. We would go hiking and camping in these woods in the 90's and it reminds me of that Vacation Bible School (VBS) song, we're going hiking (or camping) now, we're on our way, we're going to run up the mountain and run and jump and play.

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Gales Creek

Way back in August, 1991, behind FG, one weekend, we went hiking and camping, probably in or around Gales Creek.

We ate hamburgers. We played on trees, in the grass. The whole family went, all six of us this time around. As a family, we went camping a few times in the 90's here or around this area. Probably not every year but we did at least go a few times. We sang the Going Camping song.

Camping 1991

By Joey Arnold

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Published in July of 2018

2018-07-27 Friday 01:38 PM LMS | Camping 1991
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