Snowden’s FAVORITE privacy coin: Zcash

More and more people are waking up to why financial privacy is so important, and just how invasive the traditional banking system is.

Many cryptocurrencies, even though they give you back control over your money, are actually pretty bad for privacy, and can expose your full transaction history and holdings to everyone.

That’s where Privacy coins come in.

This is the first of many videos exploring various privacy coins and how they can bring anonymity back into your life -- We’re starting with Zcash

00:00 - Intro to privacy coins
02:10 - Zero Knowledge Proofs
02:45 - Fungibility
05:00 - Shielded vs Unshielded transactions
07:30 - Transaction Fees
07:37 - Unified Addresses
08:38 - Halo 2
09:00 - Migration
09:50 - Scaling
10:33 - Recommended products

A special THANK YOU to Nathan Wilcox for chatting with us about Zcash!

NBTV team behind this video: Lee Rennie, Will Sandoval, Sarah Kordyban, and Naomi Brockwell

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