Wheel fortune / Rueda de la fortuna. 50 words / My microfiction forThe 1st EVER ZapficWeekendChallenge

As it turns out, @felt.buzz takes its already traditional #ZaFic to another level, and this time proposes to Hive's microfiction lovers a challenge in sixty hours: to produce a 50-words-microfiction. It's a good challenge.
I had a lot of fun writing and clipping (the truth is that microfictions tend to spur the morbid side of my imagination... and I enjoy it :))
There's still some time left, so you can still see the rules here and participate. Fun guaranteed.

As always, I am very grateful to the wonderful Freewriters Community for the space for my publication.


The photo was provided for this challenge

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Wheel fortune is the best, baby. This wind. The city below, in the starlight. Remember I told you I loved you here?
I adore having your hands in mine, though... "If you love her, let her go..."
He let go of her hands.
Then she was free. Like a bird.

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La rueda de la fortuna es lo mejor, bebé. Este viento. La ciudad abajo, a la luz de las estrellas. ¿Recuerdas que aquí te dije que te amaba?
Adoro tener tus manos entre las mías, sin embargo... "Si la amas, dejala ir..."
Soltó sus manos.
Entonces ella fue libre. Como un pájaro.

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Gracias por la compañía. Bienvenidos siempre.

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