About myself (My journey from organizer to Youtuber)


I caught myself thinking that I did not meet you)

In this post I want to tell a little about myself.

So, let's begin

My name is Vlad and I am from Ukraine ...
Like every person, I was looking for a niche in which I would feel comfortable.
For the last 3 years I have been organizing events, this is an interesting activity and in it I felt like a fish in the water, but after a while, monotonous routine actions destroyed my desire to do this.
When I was left alone with myself, the thought came to me that I needed something more ... I wanted to learn more about the world, I wanted to get to where there is a minimal risk of burnout at work.

By a lucky coincidence, I got into an IT company ... And I am very pleased with it!
In the office, I am surrounded by very kind and wonderful people who are saturated with interesting and valuable knowledge.
I was very lucky! Being in this society, I discover a lot for myself. You can't imagine better)

Recently, we have often been organizing a brainstorming session with a team and developing the flight of thoughts in different directions.
At such moments, I feel happier, because a lot of interesting ideas come to my mind.

The last thought on which we stopped was the creation of a YouTube channel .... I was always bypassed by this thought, but when we discussed all the points and subtleties, the decision to act came instantly!

As for me, this is the best solution.

Channel dedicated to cryptocurrencies and 3D animations

Link for my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLBJiXwglx9Bg0piLujxsmw

This is just the beginning .... The beginning of a very interesting and exciting activity!

Soon I will share with you interesting features and financial side of my project.

We keep in touch, dear ... I ditched everyone!

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