Black Panther Sucks (and More)

I am currently uploading a Dtube version as well. This version will be going public on YouTube tomorrow, but you can watch it tonight here on Steemit!

Video Topic Guide:

Reading and replying to comments - 0:00

Dissing some SJW mad at Spacex - 12:38

Talking about Black Panther and Rotten Tomatos Censorship - 16:50

Write to Rotten Tomatoes via the feedback link on the bottom left of their site.

Here is a template letter you may use if you desire:

Rotten Tomatoes,

I understand your desire to prevent racists from misusing your site as a platform for hatred, but your decision to censor negative user reviews of Black Panther severely compromises the objectivity and balance of your website. We rely on critical aggregators such as yours to give us an accurate picture of both critic and public sentiments towards a film, and this move on your part signals your willingness to distort public opinion whenever it is contrary to the popular narrative, and thus undermines your reputation in irreparable ways.

I strongly urge you to reconsider this decision. I have no problem with overtly racist reviews being deleted, but legitimate criticisms of this film (or any other) should not be silenced.

Thank you for your time.


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