And another one down... Youtube nukes the Ron Gibson channel

Ron Gibson rebroadcast Infowars shows and other people's as well in formats for podcasts and shows that were very nice for those of us that liked watching/listening to slightly delayed shows.

It is now dead... Look at all of that censorship (modern day book burning).

That interferes with my usual background listening routine.

I'll have to spend more time at Real.Video and I actually would spend all of my time there, but I haven't found anyone doing things in the format Ron was doing of just long form rebroadcast with the commercial breaks edited out.

I think censorship needs to be accentuated. It is getting easier to justify a complete stop of using Youtube as a resource. There are things I like, and I went there mainly to get things I couldn't find anywhere else. As they systematically purge many of the things I am interested in they become useless to me as a site. Now toss in the fact they are censoring and that should make me wish to not use them whether they are useful or not.

It looks like this Real.Video channel may be doing similar things to what Ron Gibson was doing:

UPDATE: It should be noted that this is a ban of infowars and Alex Jones on youtube and is a lot more wide spread than just the Ron Gibson rebroadcast.

Update: YouTube Bans Alex Jones Channel

Here is the official off youtube site you can watch these shows

The Infowars Network

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