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When we talk of Yoga we think about all the different poses of Yoga, what we also called as Asanas. But the real meaning of Yoga is Union of Body, Mind and Spirit. Which means total integration of self. When one practices Yoga just focusing on the physical aspect, it becomes nothing more then aerobics.

Compassion and Yoga are 2 separate things but both of them have a lot in common, both are linked and when both of them merge it brings the best results of the practice. Karma Yoga is one of the 22 Paths of Yoga. It is the path where the active mind gets involved and self consciousness arises. One starts looking beyond themselves. Where the mind starts thinking beyond self, connecting more with people, society, communities and make a positive impact which makes a difference somewhere.


Karma Yoga which in simple terms also means service, giving back and when we do that there is a certain joy frequency that the brain experiences and the consciousness expands. When we are in service we forget our own agendas for that time and we dedicate ourselves towards achieving someone else goals or just being there for someone in need, who needs us the most at that point of time. The action makes you bigger then what you really are. Service is a matter of choice and not a compulsion, hence when we are in service mode it is all willingly and the ego gets taken over by compassion in those moments. Those moments are sheer moments of Love, Joy, Compassion and Gratitude.

When Karma Yoga is done without any ego and expectations it leads to a compassionate action. The one which is totally free from any malice, ego or intentions. Like that by applying mindfulness we can make every action of our life Karma Yoga, means selfless actions, which may be towards ownself or towards someone else. This will not only enrich our own life but also the life of people around us.

Today the world needs a lot of Karma Yogis, ones who can leave the I behind and think of WE this will also give a deeper sense of purpose to life and bring wholesomeness to our life in every way

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