The Real YouTube Rewind

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This was hot.

Is Will Smith really a YouTuber? Better question, does Will have more subscribers than Pewdiepie? Hello no. I mean, "Hell No." Pew made a real YouTube Rewinds 2018 video that zapped me back into an eight year old blue Billy Breaker Power Ranger all over again, excited again, in love again like for the very first time. Whatever happened to the good old days? The good news is that the good stuff is still out there and we can all do our best to be part of creative content. Evil goblin monsters are hiding great content to force us to forget what we were.

Pew Die Pie

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Never Forget.

Many of us have been forgetting who we are, including me. But people like Pew has helped me find my original oatmeal mojo all over again. We can forget the magic of meme magic and we can forget that YouTube was originally about You and not Them. We can do our best on YouTube, still, even in the mist of these storms. We can upload great videos to YouTube, Facebook, Bitchute, Brighteon, Zoxee, Vimeo,, etc. Life is better with comedy, memes, adventure, music, creativity. We can also take over Tik Tok as well. Don't give up because you are, like Will Smith said, "Hot."

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