XCHAOS - Potions Bonus Value


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Since our last post, we got an announcement from Splinterlands about the Bulk Sales and specifically the 5% bonus that was discussed previously. See the full post here: @splinterlands/chaos-legion-general-sale-and-volume-discount-details

Not too surprisingly, the bonus is going to be potions.

That presents us with a problem. Potions are not transferrable. And while we do have a mechanism to open packs for people, it's too easy to abuse.

The Solution

As is usually the case, simplest is best.

Every XCHAOS holder is going to get a 5+% rebate over time in the form of DEC starting today.

The rebate is going to actually be greater than 5% because the DEC in the @chaos.air wallet is also earning SPS, which is then sold for DEC, which adds to the DEC balance, which creates more SPS earnings, and so on.

But in simple terms, we are currently selling each XCHAOS for $6, and each XCHAOS purchased will add $0.30 worth of DEC to the distribution wallet.

Check current pricing and buy now also available on leodex.com

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