Reality Wave - Memory lost - Chapter 66


Sinister hisses come from the darkness. That's when we’ve found a whole nest of them. They’re all around us. It’s absolutely pitch dark in this massive cavern. Using our night vision we can make out some movement among the boulders. Their eyes glow like amber-colored fire.

"Armstrong, take the left flank, Meyers you cover him! Coby take the right! My team takes their positions like a precise machine forming a solid line of fire. The only thing we got going for us is that theses are tunnelers. They don’t have armor or pulse weapons like the warrior clan of their species. Everything is under control, well until these things make their move. They leap about from boulder to boulder with blinding speed, their tails whipping in the air.

“Open fire!” I firmly command. Flashing fire breaks the darkness open revealing dozens of leaping scaly bodies. Shell casings spit out from our weapons and large numbers of Reptilians fall from our wall of fire. Their scaled hides can’t stop the armor piercing rounds we are using. Their dead bodies pile up in front of us quickly.

But it doesn’t seem to matter as their sheer numbers and speed enable them to be all over us before we know it. Our line breaks as horrifying screams, blood, and flying body parts of my squad members explode all around me.

My heart races as I fan my assault rifle in full auto moving quickly backward. What’s left of my squad are being torn apart and eaten. Fear overtakes me, as the long dagger-like teeth of these Reptilians strip the bones of Armstrong. Meyers is nothing more but a bloody torso now. His limbs pulled off like pulling the twigs from a tree branch.

Taylor is next to me firing at the attackers, as I turn screaming “Retreat!!” her head tumbles to the ground in front of me. Her headless body is still standing firing her rifle as blood spurts from the bloody stump on her shoulders. Her body finally tips over onto its side, ferocious Reptilians pile on, tearing her body to bits.

I quickly strap on the repelling harness and use the motorized hoist to zip my way up the jagged cliff. I continue firing as I reach the top. Tarver is right behind me. I can see him pulling himself over the edge of the cliff. We run into this maze of tunnels, we are completely disoriented. We can hear their hisses coming from almost every direction.

We’re completely surrounded, that’s when Tarver grabs me and kisses me than pulls a pin from a grenade and runs past me drawing the Reptilians away from me. They chase after him and quickly catch up with him, he looks back at me one final time as he is completely covered in Reptilians, then there is an explosion. Just a smoldering pile of dead are piled up where I last saw Tarver, he took many as he could with him. I loved him with all my heart. Now he’s gone like the others!

I can see them coming closer and closer! They’re everywhere! Everyone has been torn to pieces, I’m the last one left! I start screaming in sheer terror, knowing I’m about to die a horrifying death! Large flapping wings sound over me as I turn around and go into a full all out run for my life! Running through twisting pathways I can hear them on my heels! It’s like almost as though they’re toying with me! Feeding off my fear, waiting to tear me to shreds like the others.

Suddenly a sharp pain runs through my shoulder, blood spurts from where my arm once was! My leg is yanked with tremendous force taking me to the ground. I try to regain my footing but realize there’s blood squirting from the ragged end of my pants! My foot and calf are gone! Agonizing pain rips through my entire body as they swarm over me digging their six-inch teeth into my flesh. From the swirling darkness, a giant claw punctures my chest splattering blood across my face. My screams turn into only gurgles as I’m separated from my body. I can see them feeding on my body as everything begins to blur out! My eyes spring open, only to awaken from one nightmare and into possibly another.

I start to scream and my eyes suddenly spring open, I'm covered in sweat and breathing heavy, I look around and realizes I'm in a private room, in a medical facility. Everything is white and looks sterilized, the door half-open. A pretty nurse looks in, “Are you okay?”

“Uh, where am I?”
“It’s classified,” as she comes in and wipes me down with a clean moist towelette.
“How long have I been here?”
“That’s classified,” as she lays me back down. I notice bandages wrapped around my hand. “Did I have surgery?”
She glances at me, and before she can answer, I answer for her, “I know I know, its classified.”
She shoves a couple of tablets into my mouth and hands me a paper cup of water. I just down them in hopes it kills a terrible headache I have.

I glance over to a news anchor giving the world report on a television monitor in a corner.
“Today at the United Nations, our nation’s first woman President, Catherine Brookshire, signed a Unified World Government Agreement today. This would essentially bring all nations under the UN governing power. This unprecedented action was taken after the Pentagon was completely destroyed by several separate mini nuclear explosions.

Launched by Reptilian aliens from an underground assault force 8 days ago. Casualties are still being calculated, many fear it could reach several hundred thousand dead and missing. Making it the worst attack on American soil since 911. Russia and China capitals were also attacked just days ago in similar assaults launched from underground alien machines.

President Brookshire declared martial Law today after reported widespread panic has gripped the nation, causing many to hoard guns, ammo, food supplies. Many groups of Preppers, Patriots, and Militias, hunker down for an impending full-scale alien invasion. In related news, strange sounds have been reported worldwide, described as a strange horn, or trumpet sounds, to animal growls and howls. Others describe hearing loud underground booms. One man described these sounds as “Like the gates of Hell had opened up.”

"Geologist has no answers, while many on the street speculate it could be related to these alien Reptilian beings who inhabit underground cities."
A voice over the intercom breaks in, “A visitor here to see you .”
The Nurse into the intercom “She’s awake, send his visitor in.” She turns off the television with the remote.

Suddenly Colonel Tarver enters my room. Oh God, he looks as sexy as ever. All that gorgeous bronze muscle, and just knowing he's all mine is all I want to know right now.
"How are you feeling, Lieutenant?"
"With you here, I feeling so much better," I eagerly reply.
He takes a seat right next to me, "How's your memory so far?"
"I don't remember much after we were attacked. How did we get out of there, I had this horrible nightmare we were all killed. Nobody made it. Thank god it was just a nightmare."

"You don't remember waking up in the reality bubble?"
"Reality Bubble," scratching my head.
"You don't remember Mr. Jackson pulling us out of that parallel reality?"
"Huh, no, uh I don't." He looks a bit concerned about my answers. I grab his hand, "Look I don't quite remember crap right now, but I do remember the hot steamy sex we had, and for right now I'm so damn happy with that," I lean forward and give him a deep kiss. Okay, the look on his face is not making me happy.

"There's something you should know," he says somewhat hesitantly. I don't like the sound of that, not at all!
"We are in another reality now, and there are some differences here."
"Like what?"
"We never had sex here."
"We can remedy that right now baby." I start to pull down my gown.
"No, you don't understand, in the other reality, my Fiance died in the mortar shelling a year ago. But not here, in this one, she lived, and we got married."
"What, oh hell no, you got to be kidding!"


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