The DAO of Writing - My Approach to NaNoWriMo 2020


Just a li'l post to let you know that National Novel Writing Month has started, once again.

This year, 2020, will be the second year in a row that I'm partaking.

More info on that in Li'l Update on the Story of Hypersensitivosaurus

Let's say that I learnt some lessons from November 2019.

It was a tough month. I was feeling sick a lot. Due to rainy weather, I spent way too much time indoor, in the isolated mountain hamlet where my house resides. I didn't have any decent heating in there and my mind was mainly focused on writing, forcing myself to get to over 1500 words every single day. This also meant I hardly saw friends or family.

Although I spent about a week in a city and even met up with some fellow writers there one afternoon, I can't really say it was a fun month.

The result was interesting enough though:

50k words and something to work with.

It's now 11 months later and I haven't finished my book.
The project has shape-shifted over and over again. 2020 has been quite the distraction and I'm still not 100% sure what direction to take with my writing.

I know one thing though:

This time I won't force anything.
I will take care of my mind and ( thus ) body.
This month I'm gonna have fun writing and/ or editing.
No need to write every day.
No amount of words to reach.

I'm just gonna go with the flow and see what this month will lead to. Of course I will do my best to keep you all updated.

Was signed,

Li'l Hyper.