serenity and quiet. Happiness is present here. in perfect harmony with everything in it. in figuring out the wave language. Anybody can comprehend it. It's important to desire to hear it!

And maybe someday you and I shall travel to the extremities of the planet, you know.
We'll watch the sunset while perched on a tall cliff next to a large body of water.
Unhurried birds will be seen flying across the colored sky in the distance, and waves with tender emerald tongues will splash beneath your feet.
The aromas of the globe will be carried to us by the wind and hug our shoulders.
They'll take care of our frail nerves.
We'll realize that all the commotion is garbage that they created on their own.
All of this is a result of our brain learning to live independently from us.
But one day, you and I shall travel to the farthest reaches of the planet.
We'll just relax on a high cliff next to a large body of water and watch the sun go down.

Image credit to pixabay

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