Morning of a farmer and an office boy


Hello, all my lovely friends..
May blessings always be with us.
It was still quite early when I woke up today. woke up at 04.30 immediately I went to the bathroom to clean the urine deposits after accumulating overnight. Immediately after performing my tenure, I immediately took my ablution and performed the morning prayer.

Farming in the morning

It was 4:45 p.m. when I left the house to immediately go to the fields. This is a routine thing I do in the morning. I chose to leave when it was early morning because I wanted to efficiently distribute my morning time. When in the rice fields I can still see that many of the lights on the streets are still on. This is proof that I left for the rice fields early enough.
While in the rice fields I saw paddies growing and needed maintenance. Weeds that thrive will certainly disturb and become competitors for rice in absorbing nutrients. so I do the weeding manually.
For me, weeding is not only a matter of removing weeds, but also making the soil around the plant roots looser. Thus the roots will absorb nutrients better. In addition, I feel that I can give a touch of love to plants as a form of gratitude to God who has bestowed grace with rice to flourish. As a form of remuneration for the provision of rice products in the future.
After the sun began to rise, I immediately ended the weeding process. The muddy rice fields made me have to clean my legs and pants that were hit by mud with water in the irrigation canal before going home. After enough I immediately went home. While hoping and praying by reading the prayer of the prophet, I asked God that the rice that I treated would give satisfactory results.


Going to the office?

When I got home I saw that the clock was already 6:45 a.m. It's time for me to change activities. Immediately I took the motor key and the lock on the tutor door. From the house to the tutoring, it only takes no more than five minutes by motorbike.
When I came to the tutoring, of course the door was still closed because we were making the tutoring only as a place of business. We will go home and start a new day in the tutoring by leaving home.
Oh yes, friends during this pandemic response period, we also support a number of health protocols recommended by the government. In the right corner we provide a water tap with a hose and liquid soap for washing hands. We hope that people who come will wash their hands as an effort to maintain cleanliness, especially during this pandemic.
We encourage students and the guest to wear masks. However, we do not use terms that are widely used by other people with writing that requires wearing masks. We prefer to say thank you for the use of masks. We make the writing and stick it on the wall and glass. I think thank you is more of a subtle way than using the word mandatory masked which looks fierce.
Although it is not as ideal as instructed by the government, I still hope that this can be our part in supporting government programs in preventing the transmission of the corona virus.


As seen in the photo I immediately opened the door and swept the floor. And when I entered the classroom I saw the blackboard which was still full of notes using markers. I side the board. but because I want it to finish quickly I don't use an eraser.


I chose to use a broom to erase the blackboard. This is the most practical of the methods I have tried.

After sweeping and cleaning the blackboard I quickly mopped the floor. I hope everyone who comes will feel comfortable. After all, this is a form of appreciation and our efforts to provide services to consumers. I believe behind this effort nothing is in vain. Clean places we can reward and children feel more comfortable.
So I start the day in the morning which I continue to do with enthusiasm. While continuing to pray that all will be safe and maintain health, and will soon pass this pandemic period well
Thus my writing this time will be useful.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy it.

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