Don't say new normal


Hello good friends!
Covid 19 changes our habits in many ways. Starting from the habit of washing hands, save distance, wear masks and other healthy living habits. We are then introduced to a new normal terminology.
A term for addressing the aftermath of this pandemic outbreak. In my opinion we would be more correct to say just normal words. There is no need for a new normal designation. The normal term can only be interpreted as something new.
While we know that the habit called normalcy has been done for a long time. The new nickname that is commonly remembered remains and this habit has never been done. While we still remember when we were little we were asked to do this habit.

Wisdom Pandemic

Beyond disagreement with the new normal designations, we can see that there is great wisdom behind using this corona virus outbreak. We are made aware of the need to practice clean and healthy habits.
Covid 19 asks us to be diligent in cleaning up. We remind to ask for help from others. Maybe for those who are healthy is not needed and keep on doing activities as usual. After he contacts a vulnerable person, he can become a cause of infection for vulnerable people.
Therefore, we need to look after ourselves and others. Effective ways that can be done is to live healthy and healthy.

Stay safe and healthy

Thus all my writing this time may be useful for us all

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoyed it.

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