Meet Pane, The Girl Who Can Walk Into Stories


Oh, how do I start this story?

So, I think I was born in the wrong dimension.

Let me retract that-I know so. How? I went back in time to make sure what I thought was right! Wait, I might be confusing you, so let me go back enough to make you understand what’s happening now.

See, where this story begins, there was once a little girl by the name of Pane, who loved stories. She read them, watched them, dreamed of them, and wrote her own, but there was one thing that made her different from all other kids with wild imaginations: she could go to them.

You read that right, Pane could actually stand on her dresser, shrink down, and go inside any story she wanted.

If she felt like getting goldilock’s autograph? She could hop in her book and get it. Wanted to get chased from the wolf in little Red? Jump in on page 20 and tease the wolf until his plans change. Pane had such a wild imagination, it only grew as she got older. When she turned 13, she could hop into movies, becoming a powerful superhero with her own rules or becoming the best friend of the main character.

She would do this in secrecy though, only when she was alone would she jump into these worlds.

But there was one story she loved best. For her 15 birthday, she got a novel that went by the name of ‘Worlds Beyond Impossible’ (one of my very favorites too!). It was about a boy the same age as her named Zeppelin who traveled through all dimensions of space, time and fantasy with his little white dog Zues. They were looking for his lost little brother. Pane loved this story, and she loved Zeppelin even more than the story. She wouldn’t let the book end. She would always go to the last page of the book and hop in, just to see what happened once the story was over. What happens to Zeppelin and his brother!? She thought. Surly Zeppelin finding his brother and going back to their real time can’t be the end! She would often go into his world after school, in her free time, and on weekends, itching for them to hang out again.

Zeppelin enjoyed Pane’s visits as well, as it was always a joy to see her too, as Pane always had something to talk about and they traveled all the worlds beyond impossible, looking into worlds Pane wanted to know more about that were rushed through in the story or exploring a new place all together.

Since Pane was an orphan, no one much looked after her in the real world or cared where she was all day, so she had lots of time to run free with Zeppelin in their fantastical world.

The world felt so real to Pane, like this book really was a gateway to another world. Zeppelin said it was real, and she could believe him.

The best part was that as Pane grew up, so did Zeppelin, it was as if they were on the same page.

Eh? See what I did there?

Anyway, they soon grew up, got married and had a child named Thomas.

But which world did the child belong to?

More on that later.


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