Professor Otagburuagu - Episode 1



3 years ago...

The dark forces that made up the world of the dark arts were wrought with
unruliness and turbulence. A person who would wield it's power required
heightened fortification.

Whenever professor Otagburuagu employed the dark arts he was sure to
heighten his fortification, but this night it seemed he had heightened it a
little too tall. Problems were to ensue, but the professor was up to it
again and he treated these problems. Otagburuagu the secluded evil grand
master of science and the dark arts, wielder of ancient, modern and future

He led it down to a dark street, and he let it go. By a window pane he
stood, watching it's final exit. Once it was out of sight, so was he...
A reunion would be had after 60 moons.

He led it down to a dark street, and he let it go.


In a mildly lit bed room, a heated sex romp had just taken place, and the
whole room was scrambled, furnitures upside down, TV on the floor, clothes,
sheets, pillows everywhere. The young couple lay there on the bed in
boundless peace, the girl on the man's chest, ideally.

"You said you had a fall out with your supervisor today?" The girl asks.

"Yeah, we were at loggerheads"

"Wow, both of you did loggerheads? Sounds like a pretty nice alternative
way of giving head, tell me, is it better than 69?"

"Hahah, Lucy look how you're trifling with the possibility of me having
oral sex with my supervisor. Like you wouldn't be jealous if it happened?"

"That's your punishment for loving words and having too many of them in
your vocabulary. I had already said 'fallout', but you were not satisfied,
you still had to say 'loggerheads'. But then why would I be jealous? I
would only be apprehensive that you might have contacted some stinky

"So let's say it was not oral sex, let's say it was a perfectly protected
sex; you wouldn't be jealous still?"

"Why would I be?"

"You wouldn't be jealous that some other lady had sex with your boyfriend?"

"Of course I wouldn't be, Shouldn't I rather be happy that my boyfriend
caught some fun?"

"My Lord! Lucy, you're such a girl!"

Lucy giggled, then both went silent. The man pondered over what she had
said, he had never thought of it like that. Then Lucy spoke again.

"OK? What got you and your supervisor disagreeing?"

"She was in doubt of my mastery of the gun."

"Really? Doubt you? You the great Inspector Raymond? What had really

"Today some robbers had stormed the big shopping mall but they couldn't
leave the mall early enough before we surrounded the place. Their next
option was to take everyone in the mall hostage. But before they could
declare the hostage situation their leader put his head through a window
and I shot the living hell out of him, nothing less than 5 bullets! In the
end though the robbers got into two of the cars the mall was going to give
away in their promo and drove out of the mall."

"You guys couldn't get them?"

"We chased and got one of the cars, it experienced a crash and was badly
damaged, only one of its occupants survived. The other car got away because
it was driven by the leader of the robbers, we know him very well, he's
notorious and reputed for his driving skills, he was an auto mechanic from

"Wait, the same leader you shot black and blue? How come he could still

"He got some help, he was treated by extraordinary hands right in there in
the mall during the 30 minutes seige before they made away, I'm sure of it.
He was in bandages while he drove. My supervisor wasn't there and she says
I didn't get the target when I shot, but I know I did."

"Maybe he had some bulletproof on"

"No, he was bare-chested when I shot him, he always has no shirt on, that's
how he moves."

"Wow! Who must've treated him then? Were there doctors with tools in the

"You bet there weren't. I know who did it though, it's surely got to be the
professor - professor Otagburuagu. They must have urgently applied for his
services, while the hostages were held."

"And the professor works in the mall? "

"No he doesn't, he came from wherever the heck he stays down to the mall to
treat the robber."

"And the Police let him in?"

"No we didn't let him in, don't worry about it, he has his ways, he has the
ability to by pass things like that and flee without being seen."

"Wow! How did you know he was there then? The surviving robber from the
crash confessed?"

"No, he can't talk, he's in a coma. I don't need no one to tell me, I'm
very sure the professor was there to treat that robber, I knew I shot him
and then saw him with bandages driving energetically while we chased. That
man was treated, I tell you, and it could only have been the professor."

"Any assurance that this professor even exists? Word is he's just a myth.
Even you have told me in the past that you've never come across him. And
you seem to be the only police officer who acknowledges his existence."

"That's the thing with him, he sojourns in the backgrounds. He is very
secretive, even many members of the elite class who knows and talk about
him have never seen him before, some of his clients who even contacted him
never got to set their eyes on him, much less of the police."

My Lord! Lucy, you're such a girl!

And that exactly was the man, professor Otagburuagu. He was enigma
personified; an extremely mysterious middle-aged dark skinned man.
Professor of Ritualistic Arts and there have never been a more handy man
than he. He was a Medical doctor, a surgeon, practitioner of several dark
arts, therapist, bone setter, evil genius, legal adviser, spiritual
adviser, and pretty much everything similarly helpful! He had, magical
might, charms, ingenuity, etc, and he was consulted far and wide by the
elite class (usually criminals) and anyone who could afford his exorbitant
fees, to profer solution to their problems, give them pieces of advice,
etc. His clientelle came from all works of life especially the corrupt

Hardly any police officer ever heard of him or could even dream of cracking
him out. But the rich and honest Inspector Raymond of the State Criminal
Investigation Department (CID), had been in a lot of sensitive cases that
led him to the discovery of the professor's reality and his keen interest
in such a character coupled with his good investigative skills allowed for
a lot more about the professor to be revealed to him. All this while he had
kept his eyes open with the intention of getting the professor one day but
before this night ended he vowed before his girlfriend Lucy that he was
going to dig out the professor and put him in his rightful position behind

"Any position other than the doggystyle can hardly be called a rightful
position." She had replied.

But Inspector Raymond was serious and determined, and the next day he set
himself to work. He mapped out a simple plan. To get the professor into
jail he had to come up with evidence of the professor's criminal act (s),
and next was to find the professor and arrest him. It was the right plan,
a very short plan, but was only simple when proceeding from the mouth, and
Raymond knew this. There was no evidence whatsoever against the professor,
no records, nothing! And even if evidence is made available, finding the
professor for apprehension would prove to be another gigantic problem.

But under these plans, Raymond had sub-plans. He was going to scan every
news source, the newspapers, radio, TV, etc. He was going to find any
member of the elite class whom he thinks might be in some trouble or has
any need for some major criminal move and then he was going to watch the
person - the person would surely lead up to the professor, he thought.
And so Raymond went about the next following days thoroughly searching the
news and making mental calculations, but he couldn't find anything, and
worse still there were no imminent elections in any state of the country at
that time. One day he came back home and met his Lucy, he explained to her
how he now has every newspaper headline by heart and how he has searched
the length and breadth but hasn't seem to come up with anything gainful. Of
which she said that the only way she knew how to come up gainfully was to
have an orgasm.

He looked away wearily and tuned to the national news channel and there it
was! The breaking news! The president and the Vice president of the country
had just died in an airplane crash!


All the illustrations and art contained herein were made by the ingenious @katharsisdrill.

This work is a collaboration between myself and @katharsisdrill, where I write the stories and he illustrates it with art as you have seen above.
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This story about the Professor shall be finished with 6 episodes. This is the first one. Keep a date!

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