Reality Wave - Trial by Fire - Chapter 56


Within 20 minutes, my squad and I are double-timing it down a concrete corridor in full combat gear to a tunnel transport terminal. Sergeant Armstrong cheers the squad on, “That’s the way we do it, keep moving Titans, we’ve got some ass to kick!”

We hustle into a Maglev transport - technicians move away as my squad boards. Colonel Tarver suddenly appears in full battle gear behind me as I prepare to join my squad.
A smile spreads across my face,“Colonel, you're joining the party?”
“I want to hold your hand on this first one if you don't mind.”
“Sure,” I jokingly put my hand out.
He smiles back, “You know what I mean.” He gives me a thumbs up with a cute wink. But I much rather have a nice romantic kiss and more hot lovemaking.

Armstrong builds the squads confidence, "That’s it, everyone just settle in, you’re all looking absolutely awesome. Nothing is staying alive in our path! We’re fucking destroyers, we will stop anything in its tracks, including these fucking lizards! “You all got that?!”

They all yell, “Fucking aye!!”
I take a seat by the entrance. The transport starts moving and quickly picks up speed. My squad members are seated on both sides of me. They look rather relaxed like another day at the office.
Armstrong walks down the aisle, “Alright, the Colonel is going to lay out our mission, so listen up!”

Everyone’s attention falls on Colonel Tarver as he stands front and center, “This transport can hit Mach 2 speeds, that’s twice the speed of sound. We should at our destination in less than 10 minutes. Now here’s the mission data as I have received it. At approximately 0900 hours this morning, we lost communication with Sentinel 1, a specially built bunker that can withstand- and I will use this term loosely supernatural energy.”

“Supernatural energy, can you elaborate Colonel?” I ask.
“No, and that’s only because we don’t completely understand what it is, or I would explain it. We found evidence of Reptilian infiltrators, with the ability to change their appearance. Shapeshifters we call them, we’ve been on high alert about them. They use a liquid crystal technology to project full body holograms. We think they may be planning an attack on the base using infiltrators. Okay, I’ve also received word we have a link up with a company of Army Rangers being flown in by Black Hawks from U.S. military base in Ushuaia, located in the southernmost tip of a South America. They’re en route with a pit stop to refuel on a carrier in the regional waters. They’ve been held up in South America taking care of some business there with Rebels. They’re itching for some experience fighting Reptilians just like us. They’ll serve as the main fighting force going in. We are to serve as back up reserves in case things get messy. Are there any questions?"

Colby's gums start flapping, “Sir, they should be our back up reserve, we’re the A Team, right Meyers?”
“Yeah dog,” Meyers bumps fist with Colby.
“Can it you two!” Armstrong on them.

Tarver continues, “Boyer has outfitted all of us with cutting edge ultra thin body armor with built in exoskeleton that increases your over all body strength by a factor of ten and a speed and reaction increase by 25% .”
Colby easily twist a metal support beam near him, “Oh shit, that's bad ass!”
“Colby!” Armstrong hollers.
“Sorry sir, couldn’t help myself.”

Colonel Tarver continues, “There is also a electromagnetic levitation feature as well, I have some training on that feature. My basic knowledge will have to suffice, so follow my lead. You are all also equipped with a T-45 microwave assault rifle, test on Reptilian armor show them to be highly effective.”
Colby checks over his microwave assault rifle, “Now, this is bad ass!”
Armstrong leans on him, “Keep it down.”

Tarver's voice goes into a very serious tone, “I want all of you to stay sharp, you have never faced a hostile like this before. We’re equipped with state of the art equipment, but are seriously handicapped by a lack of training with them, so we’re going to learn in the field people.”
“Combat on the job training, oh wow.” Colby glances over to Armstrong, who’s eyes are blazing.
“Uh, sorry sir!”

Colby has a serious case of diarrhea of the mouth. I can only guess Armstrong wants to shove a roll of toilet paper down his throat right about now. Okay attention back to my sweetheart.

The Colonel looks over at me, “Lieutenant Vickers has seen Reptilians in action. Anything else you would like to add Lieutenant.”
Looking over my squad, I can still detect resistance in accepting me as their squad leader, “Yes, I like to add some of my experience with them. As you have learned in mission briefing these things are huge and move very fast. In a one on one physical fight they will rip you to shreds, you wouldn’t stand a chance.”

Shepherd raises her hand, I nod my head to her, “Go ahead.”
“If we have the strength of ten with this body exoskeleton thingy on, doesn’t that even up the odds a bit?”

Well what do you know, there’s a brain under all that wad of blond hair, “Well Colonel Tarver said a increase in speed by 25%, is that enough? We’ll find out soon enough. Because that’s the game changer, overall speed and reaction time. Strength is useless without speed.” They’re still looking at each other with bravado, thinking this is going to be a stroll in the park with their new equipment. However, I know different, even my nightmare was so accurate as to how deadly these creatures are. I fear some, if not any of us might not make it back. I feel my stomach turning over with that thought.

Colby reads the uneasy expression on my face, “What's the problem, feeling jittery Lieutenant?”
“Back off ass face!” Oops, I lost it there, Colby is wearing on me.
“Ass face? Actually, I have a very sexy ass,” Colby grinning.
“His ass actually looks better than his face.” Meyers bust on Colby.
The squad erupts in laughter, Taylor is doubled over.
“Hey bitch! You’ve been checking out my ass?!” Colby punches Meyers in the arm.
“I couldn’t resist dog, sorry” Meyers continues to crack up.

Before Armstrong can squash the mood, he glances over to Tarver, his eyes are saying to let the squad ease their tension with a little laughter.
Tarver suggest, “Boyer give some instruction on the new microwave assault weapon, since we have a little time here.”

“Yes Sir” Boyer stands up and has Loo give him her weapon, he sturdily handles the advance looking weapon. He flips the weapon for a side view to the squad, “This is the newest combat assault weapon from DARPA. And soon to be deployed to all services as the standard assault weapon against the Reptilians. It’s lightweight and well balanced. Constructed of super tough composite material, air tight, and internally cooled. When the weapon is fired, it emits a beam of microwave radiation that is tuned to excite water molecules inside the target. It literally cooks the victim alive. Just above the had grip is the beam adjustment, you can do it manually, or go auto, and the microprocessor will calculate distance and beam width. If you want to just drill a cooked hole in your enemy, you will keep the beam narrow, if you want to fry the whole chicken, then widen the beam to full, simple. Any questions?” Boyer immediately looks at Colby, as does the rest of the squad in anticipation of a smart ass remark.

"Yeah, what do I set it on to roast a marshmallow? The squad chuckles.
“Seriously, one more question!” Colby hopping in his seat like a 5-year-old.
“What is it Colby?” Boyer with reluctance.
“We’ve all been wondering what the hell are you lugging around?” Colby points to the giant weapon propped up at Boyer’s seat.

Taylor spills out her comment, “Yeah, we know you sleep with that thing, I’m wondering if you are having sex with it too?”
Garcia sits forward, “Yeah homie, we see you cleaning that thing every day, what is it, a giant vibrator?” everyone starts laughing.
Meyers rubs his hand on the cannon, “I don’t know dog, even this might be too big to shove up his ass!” the squad blows up with more laughing.

Boyer picks up the enormous weapon, “This lovely and I do have a thing going on, so don’t be jealous Meyers you’ve been replaced by a machine.”

“Oh shit, that’s a good counter dude!” Colby punches Meyer's arm.
Boyer lifts the amazing weapon up to his shoulder, “Let me formally introduce her to you, this is Lola, my plasma cannon, a prototype fresh off the drawing boards. The primary damage mechanism is heat transfer, causing serious burns, and immediate death of any living creature. It can also melt or evaporate other dense materials as well. The ionized gas produced is also good against mechanical targets as it can disrupt computer systems. This larger barrel fires a projectile using the kinetic force of the plasma to punch holes into solid metal armor several feet thick.”

Tarver breaks in, “Alright ETA 1 minute! Armstrong get them into jump-off position!”

"Yes Sir, let's go everybody, let' go, move - move! The squad quick gets into position. The maglev transport dramatically begins to slow, and then finally comes to a stop. Doors slide open and the squad files out quickly. Armstrong moves them along, "Alright people, let’s double time it! Move, move, move!"

Tarver and I follow at the rear. He glances over to me concerned, “Whatever happens stay close to me.”
“That was my plan Colonel, I’m stuck to you like gum.” I see he wanted to smile, but he seems truly concerned by what we are about to face, just as I am.


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