Reality Wave - The Nexus - Chapter 43


Mr. Jackson moves us along to the next exhibit. Seemingly out-of-place among the ghastly collection are two globes, one containing a very athletic giant nude male and the other with a female. Their long blond hair flowing in shimmering illuminated golden liquid that accentuates their beautiful physiques. But what absolutely blows my mind are the magnificent white wings branching out from their shoulder blades, reminding me of the angel that I saw in my dream.

I paste myself up against the transparent globe and my breath stops. I realize the male is the very same one from my dream. I know that’s him! None of this makes sense! His eyes are half open – as though he’s looking at me with a conscious mind. I can’t say anything to Mr Jackson or Colonel Tarver, I don’t want to seem mentally unstable.

“They seem alive,” I said as my breath fogs the glass.
“They are in some way. They are in a type of hibernation state. Our saucer fighters shot them down over Canada.

Mr. Jackson steps near me, “Even though they may look like angles, but are still considered invaders. Our military can only consider them foreign entities invading our air space.”

Mr. Jackson waves his palm near the globe and it begins to rotate so we can examine them from all angles, he goes on, “Their rejuvenation process is miraculous. They were both severely mangled and burned, but somehow they completely healed themselves in only days. The male had a missing left arm, but it completely regrew itself in just 24 hours, absolutely amazing.”

Colonel Tarver comes up from behind me, “You will be happy to learn I named them Adam and Eve, of course to keep the biblical theme."
I rub my hand against the thick glass, “Angels and demons, this is a spiritual war. I’ve never seen such beauty in a living being, but I’m not surprised, they’re divine beings created by God."

Mr. Jackson waves his hand and a rotating 3D model of DNA, "They don’t age, as we could not find any breakdown from oxidation stress in their DNA. They’ve been in this state for several weeks, but we keep them in a 24-7 monitoring device over them. "

Mr.Jackson then leads us into another lab, but this one is twice the size as the other. I suddenly begin to recite a biblical passage as I gaze upon massive humanoid bodies, "The Nephilim, I would never have been able to imagine the size of these giants if I didn’t see them with my own eyes.

Mr. Jackson walks up ahead of us,"The Nephilim, as you so called them are the basis for the Titan project. I was tempted to use the angel DNA but these giants are much more powerful. We’ve extracted the DNA and developed a technique to create human hybrids of these giants. Our early attempts failed miserably. But they suffered brain deformities, so that project was eventually scrapped. But we have a new technology that may solve that problem."

“How did you acquire these bodies? Where they excavated from the frozen city?”

"These where killed coming through the nexus.”Mr. Jackson replied.
"The Nexus?"

The base is called Nexus 113, because there is a point where our reality overlaps their reality two points connected. Thus the meaning of Nexus.
Then it hits me – the bunker, that’s what it was built for, killing these giants as they entered our reality. Should I mention I came across this bunker to Mr. Jackson? I don’t really trust him, something bugs me about him besides being an ass. Then almost like a voice in my head tells me to turn my attention to my left. I notice a dark globe, at least 6 feet in diameter. I immediately find myself drawn to it. It's almost solid black inside. “What is this Mr. Jackson? Is there anything in it?” as I peer into the darkness almost expecting to see something within. Suddenly a hideous hag like face appears in front of me causing me to jump back several feet landing into Colonel Tarver's arms. “What was that?!”

Colonel Tarver replies, “It seems the world from where the wicked entities come from are constructed primarily of dark energy. Evil exist within the dark energy, the invisible world that allows them to cross over to our reality. Dark energy is all around us and co exist with our matter. I think it is connected to all of us somehow. They seem to be using our sub-consciousness to manifest themselves in this world."

Okay, I was kind of half listening, I was loving just being in that hunk's arms.

Mr. Jackson takes me to a large circular room next door. In the middle of it stands a large jet black box. It stands at around 12 feet high and maybe 8 feet wide. I feel an overwhelming sense of dread as we enter, I can’t really explain exactly this awful feeling is, but it's a very powerful sensation.

Mr. Jackson stands next to the over sized fridge as proud as can be, "I've saved the best for last. The vast power we now have in our hands for the first time. What you are looking at is the most powerful quantum computer in our existence. You’ve already met her, this is Mother. She uses the superconducting power of a two trillion - qubit quantum processor. A qubit functions in the same way a particle functions in quantum physics. Quantum mechanics allows the qubit to be in a super position of two states at the same time, just like a particle that constructs our own reality. This is what we call the quantum effect.”
What do you know about the theory of quantum physics?"
“Absolutely nothing.”
“Good, then your mind can’t say no.”
“What?” He always creeps me out when he says things like that. Especially when he starts to look up into the ceiling. I know a speech is coming up, oh here it comes.

“Lieutenant Vickers, we live in a unfathomable world, one that remained a complete mystery to us scientist for centuries. That’s why all we had in our grasp where only theories. Quantum mechanics possesses a radical quality about it, unlike anything we have ever encountered. It has forced all physicists to change their ideas of what reality is, to reconsider the nature of things at the deepest level, and to toss away their concepts of position and speed, as well as their notions of cause and effect. But now we know that quantum theory is no longer just a theory, but actual fact.”

Maybe if I yawn he'll get the hint. What the Hell is he talking about? "I can faintly hear a thumping sound. Is that the sound of a heartbeat coming out of that thing?”

Mr. Jackson’s left brow raises, “It does sound like a heartbeat doesn't it. The sound is from the refrigeration system pump. An environment of near 0 Kelvin must be maintained to operate at the quantum level.”

“Okay none of this means much to me, you got a powerful new toy to mess around with peoples minds. What’s the big deal?”

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