Reality Wave - The Nephilim - Chapter 51


As we approach the Mantis warrior encased in its tube, I must admit seeing something that looks like an insect this large is a little unnerving, this thing looks like it’s still alive with its large glossy eyes.

But I continue with the tour, “This is a Mantis warrior, closely allied to the Reptilians. They range in size from 4 to 10 feet in height. Oversized wrap around football-shaped eyes, with those peepers, they have a full 360-degree view. Their bodies have a very tough exoskeleton to protect the soft body tissue underneath. Four segmented legs, and two arms, with sharp talons on the forearms to slash and rip flesh, very fast-moving, reported having the ability to jump 30 feet or more.”

Meyers nudges Garcia, “Hey dog, is it almost as big as the roaches you got in your barrio?”
“Suck my Chorizo Meyers.”
“Is that like a dick Garcia?”Meyers replies.
“What, you only suck dick now Meyers?”Garcia pokes back.
The others laugh.

I can see these guys are tight, they can talk crap to each other so freely. Colby is checking out a small 2 foot by 1-foot glass tube next to him. It contains what looks like a glob of hair.
Colby taps on the glass, “Hey look, it’s Donald Trump’s hair going for a rinse cycle!” The squad bust out laughing.
Armstrong eyeballs Colby before he restrains him verbally. “Private, knock it off!”
“Sorry, sir!”

I’ve noticed, like a child, Colby seems to crave attention from the others, and especially from Sergeant Armstrong, perhaps he views him as a father figure. He never knew his real father. I won't be surprised if I become his mother figure soon.

I continue with information on that glob of hair, “This is a Trolike, very small, some less than a foot to three feet tall. Despite their primitive hairy beast-like appearance, they’re very advanced creatures. Very strong for their size and can leap up to 20 feet in distance, so watch your back. Now for something on the opposite side of the scale.”

They follow me into the next bio-storage room. There is a hushed silence as we enter the massive chamber where gigantic bodies float in tubes of unimaginable size. Unbelievably even Colby's mouth is wide open with nothing coming out of it.

I continue the tour, “Alright, as you can see, we have here mammoth humanoids, known as the Nephilim, they are from the hidden frozen city above and range in size from 10 to over 100 feet tall and weighing in between 1000, pounds to 25 tons. Very mean, tough armor, sports some very deadly weapons, could be a real problem.” I look over to Colby awaiting his question?"

“Go ahead private.”
“We’re some of the meanest badasses on and off the battlefield sir and we have no problem kicking ass wherever we are sent- but sir, how do we kill something this big?” his eyes wide open in disbelief.

The demoralized look on Colby's face said it all, I need to reassure my squad we will be provided the tools to do our job, “We will be equipped with the most super advanced combat hardware mankind can provide soldier. Is that right Sargent Boyer?”

Boyer steps forward, “Yes, we have several pieces of state of the art hardware coming online for this mission to deal with this kind of hostile.”

“Thank you, Sergeant Boyer.”
I hope that will keep them calm, seeing the real thing up close has rocked them to their toes, but better here than on the battlefield.
"Are there any questions?”
Before any more questions can be asked, that murdering scum bag Maddox enters the storage area.

“What’s going on here?”Maddox hollers.
I step up to him, "I am giving my squad a mission briefing, you are interrupting-"
“They do not have the proper clearance to be in here!”
“They are under my command, and I have the proper clearance!”

“That is not the way it works around here!”
Several security guards dressed in black uniforms quickly appear behind him.
“Well, we're not done here yet so back off your hound dogs Maddox!”

“Your squad has to leave or we will physically remove them.”
Oh, he shouldn’t of have never of said that, especially in front of a bunch of Marines. I can see Armstrong’s massive shadow looming over me.
“Excuse me, sir,” Armstrong steps out in front of me, all six foot seven inches of him. He folds his huge muscular arms in front of himself.

“Which one of you Muthas wants to remove me- physically.”
Armstrong is the most intimidating ass kicking Marine I have ever seen, and Maddox’s hounds are looking at each other a little shaken.
The rest of the squad start to encircle these thugs.

Luckily for them, Mr. Jackson suddenly enters the chamber, he quickly motions to me,
“Can I speak with you, Lieutenant?”
“Yes, Mr. Jackson.”
He takes me out of hearing range of the squad, “What is your squad doing in here? They do not have the security clearance to be in here.”

“Mr. Jackson, I felt that my squad deserves to see what they will be really fighting, not some 3D image, not when the real thing is right here. They’re expected to lay down their lives for their country as any good military man understands. My squad deserves that respect and the benefit of any information and or training at our disposal should be made available.”

“Okay Lieutenant as a former Marine, I will give you that. Just next time follow the protocols and notify me, so I can grant you access, okay, fair enough?”
“Fair enough Mr. Jackson.”
Maddox and his dogs' exit as Mr. Jackson looks over to them without saying a word.


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