Reality Wave - The Deal - Chapter 10


She looked just like Marilyn Monroe, dyed blond hair of course, she even had the beauty mark too. Sounding as sexy as possible, “Here you go Nick, two nice ones for you,” proudly showing off her dairy. Oh please come on, we know you aren’t talking about the beers! Two nice ones my ass! Quit dangling them in his face! This ain’t no lap dance you little whore! And why is she licking her lips? Get some Chapstick bitch!

What the – now she’s sitting in his lap shoving those fake breast into his face. Then he starts to feel her up right in front of me! Unbelievable, I can’t believe this! The waitress seems to get aroused and passionately says in his ear, “Oh Nick, want to go another round of hot sex?”

What!? I’m sorry but there was no way to hold back! “Saline or silicone bitch?” I really blew it, my jealousy streak just reared it’s little ugly head. Phillips starts to chuckle a bit, “Oh, I’m sorry, this is Sugar Pie, she’s a sex-bot as well as a waitress-bot. She’s a Marilyn Monroe celebrity model. "
I never felt so stupid. Well I’ve really tipped my hand with that little outburst. I knew about the celebrity licensed models, my God, is my 82 year old mind failing me. Why aren’t my memory implants functioning correctly?

“These new models are extremely realistic,” he casually fondles the unnatural mounds of plastic, “You see, just a sex-bot. It kisses his cheek and says, “Come on baby, let's have sex again, I need it bad.”

"No thank you Sugar Pie, just put the first round of sex on my tab, oh, don’t forget the tip,” he says while squeezing its rubber nipple. He even pats the sex-bot on the ass as it leaves, it reacts with a flirtatious giggle.

“So what was her name again – Sugar Jugs?”
“Huh?” he pushes his cowboy hat back and chuckles. “No, everyone calls her Sugar Pie, that’s her nickname here. You thought she was a real women didn’t you?”

An awful vision of him sucking on those artificial jugs hits a raw nerve!
I know he can easily tell I’m really bothered by his use of a sex-bot.
“You’re not jealous of Sugar Pie are you?” looking somewhat surprised.
To be honest…I’m really attracted to you, but keeping it just business between us is critical to the success of my mission. What you do in your private life is none of my business, but why would you need a fake woman when you could easily have a real one?”

He sits forward in his chair, “I like keeping things simple, relationships tend to get complex. Right now in this period of my life I don’t need a relationship to muddle things up.”
I reach out and touch his handsome face, “Come on, how old are you? I like the fact you got the late mature thirties look, it’s very becoming on you.”

“I’m 33, but I’ve been doing some hard living as you can see.”
"Oh, okay. Earlier you were wondering why I looked too young to be a colonel. Well, I’m actually 82 years old.”
“You’re 82, like I said, you are a very funny lady.”
He said that like I was kidding.
“You look no more than 25.”
“I’ve had age reversal done on me.”
“Age reversal?”
“It’s a Life extension technology. It’s commonly use by most of the population for the last 6 years.
“Never heard of it.”

“Where you’ve been, under a rock? Crap, maybe he’s been locked up, that would make perfect sense. I’m not going to hold that against him, well at least until I hear his explanation.
“How much time have you done? Not that it really matters to me.” It does, but he doesn’t have to know that.
His brow deepens, "I’ve never done time, but if you want to do a background check-"
“Oh no, that’s not necessary, there’s not enough time – I mean even if there was time – I’m sorry I even brought it up,” now I really feel bad. Lets get back to business, “What do you know about Antarctica?”
“Ice cold, what else is there to know?” He sits back a takes another swig of beer.

Well he certainly likes keeping things simple alright. “Okay, here’s the info I gathered, according to the many experienced climbers I’ve come across so far, they all said I’d be going against a steep slippery icy rock wall, towering some 150 to 250 feet high running for thousands of miles along the perimeter. Also we would be dealing with freezing winds that sometimes hit 100 miles per hour, much of it is territory is uncharted. UN government security forces are authorized to use deadly force against any infringement into the region. Oh, they also said that I’m completly out of my mind. Of course I ended up giving the finger to all of them before walking out their offices, just being me.”

He lowers the brim of his hat forward, and sits up in his seat concerned, “Government security - use of deadly force?”
I surprised that was the only thing that concerns him. I can’t get into the reason why I want to climb there, better take him in a different direction, “Look, I’ll keep this short but sweet, I’m looking for some real climbers, climbers with the balls to keep up with me. So far I’ve only found wimps and pretenders, that won’t cut it for me. None of them have what it takes to satisfy me. I need some real men, real risk takers behind me. Am I in the right place?” I wonder if he noticed any of my sexual innuendos I shoved in there?

Smoke smoothly stream from his nose, “That could be very expensive you know. What about travel expenses, food and supplies?”
Okay, he still sounds interested, “I’ll cover everything,”
“Really?” looking more interested.

I pull two paper wrapped stacks of cash, 25,000 each from my hand bag near my feet and place them on the table. I intensely watch his eyes for his reaction.
“Fifty thousand, pure profit up front, another fifty thousand afterward.”
I thought he was going to go over backwards in his chair.
“So- so- one hundred grand total?” trying to keep his composure. He quickly takes his hat off and uses it to conceal the money from the crowd. He scans the bar to see if anyone is looking, “Got to be careful around here you know.”

“I like to see who’s got the balls too take that money away from you.”
With a sly smile he tips his head in acknowledgment, then turns his hat half ways up over the money, quickly he flips through the hundred dollar bills, not really counting, just making sure there’s no blank paper in between. I’m sure this is only a habit, he’s use to dealing with unscrupulous types, so I don’t blame him. I don’t know quite what it is about this guy, but he seems to be on the up and up, or I would have never handed the money over to him. There’s just something about his eyes, they reveal a hint of humanity.

So maybe I have a lot of residue of mistrust in me. Alright, a truck load of mistrust in me. And I will admit, it has blocked many opportunities to make friends and lovers in the past. So experiencing this small bit of trust in someone is a very different kind of feeling, one I don’t really understand at the moment. But it makes me feel special again, like joining the human race. Not all men can be back stabbing pigs. I just got to prey that I’m right about him. He wraps the money up with his hankie. Phillips puts his hand out to shake, “I believe we have a deal.”

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