Reality Wave - Take Flight - Chapter 58


Tarver moves forward wading through the sea of giant bug bodies. 3D holographic waves are pulsing out in front of him, “I’m getting no more bio readings, we got them all!”

He signals the Titan squad forward, “Let’s move, docking bay just 40 meters ahead.”
“Taylor, Garcia, secure the docking bay!” Tarver orders.
“Let’s move Garcia!” Taylor motions to Garcia.
“Who put you in charge?” Garcia snaps.
“Just move your cute little ass,” Taylor slaps his ass.
“Me lleva la chingada!” he snorts.

The two hustle ahead of the squad and secure the shuttle dock and motion everything is clear. We enter the wrecked docking bay, we find scattered dead technicians, they leave absolutely no survivors.
“How are you holding up?” Tarver ask.
“I’m good Colonel.”

“Those bugs did all this shit?” Garcia to Taylor, he catches her smiling at him like a teenage girl in love.
“What’s the matter with you?”
“Has anyone ever told you how cute you are?”
“Taylor, you know you're starting to creep me out.”

The squad encircles Tarver, hologram graphics appear of the bunker and transport tunnel system in front of him, “We’re getting more Recon bots data coming in,” he highlights tunnel system to the central hub leading to the bunker.

“We’ll take this tunnel to the Central Hub. Emergency alarms have no doubt triggered a lockdown, so a solid titanium security blockade hatch may have closed off the tunnel, so we’ll have to get past that, hopefully with one of our new weapons systems” looking over at Boyer who is smiling with his 200-pound cannon on his shoulder. Our exoskeleton armor strength is serving us well so far.

Sergeant Armstrong notices something, “Sir I was just looking at the map scale, isn’t that tunnel 50 miles in length?”
“Yeah that’s no walk in the park,” Colby remarks.
Holographic download bars appear of flight data downloading in front of Tarver. A soft recognizable voice from nowhere sounds.
“This should help you, Colonel.”
“Mother is that you?”

“Yes, Colonel it is Mother. Your exoskeletons are in tune with my frequency. Each Titan can use electromagnetic waves to levitate, until a propulsion system kicks in giving them flight. You have internal gyroscopic maneuverability, so flying will be as easy as walking.”

“We're to link up with a Ranger company here at this point, anything on their ETA,” Tarver inquires of Mother.
Mother responds, “They were deployed on another mission. Command calculated with your new weapons capability that your Titans could easily handle this mission solo.”

Tarver looks over his shoulder at Colby, “Looks like you got your wish, we’re the main event.”
"Alright!" Colby and Meyers bump fist.
Tarver hands the command over to me, “Lieutenant, you’re in charge, from this point on, I'm just an observer.”
"Yes sir!" I motion to Armstrong to take point. I thought he’s a big guy, and can handle himself, a good choice as point.
Let’s move Titans!” I order.
“Flying? Hold on, I’m afraid of heights,” Colby kidding.
Armstrong on him, “Move your ass Colby!”

“Let’s move people!” leading the squad to the tunnel entrance. Okay, I’m wondering how do I fly. I have to lead them by flying first. I look back at Tarver, but his mouth is zipped, I know this is part of my training as a leader.

The squad takes their position on the Docking Bay.
Colby, excited, “This is gonna be so cool.”
Colby starts flapping his arms, I try and keep from cracking up.
Taylor starts laughing, “Dog, you’re ridiculous!”
“Hey, Mother said we can fly!” Colby continues flapping his arms and starts jumping up and down.

Meyers falls back against the wall laughing.“Dog, you look like a chicken with its head cut off!”
Finally, I just couldn’t hold back anymore and I break up too, a wave of laughing overtakes us all.

Colby looked so funny! Oh no, now he’s laying on his stomach with his arms still flapping, I’m doubled over. Tarver looks down trying so desperately to hold it in, well, until Colby starts kicking his feet like he’s swimming, then Tarver finally loses it, now he’s doubled over. Everyone is helplessly laughing except Loo, she seems to be in a meditative state.

That’s when I notice her feet begin to lift off the ground, she’s levitating! That’s it, we activate the levitation with our minds. My martial arts training will be a big boost here. I close my eyes and take a couple of deep breaths. I begin to imagine myself floating. Suddenly, I feel weightless, my feet lift off the ground. Colby stops what he’s doing to watch us float. The others gain their composure and look on.

“Use the power of your mind everyone!” I shout.
Taylor over to Garcia, "If we got to use our brain power I’m afraid Colby is still at a huge disadvantage, keep on flapping loser!
Garcia shouts "Yeah Pendejo!"

Colby gets off the ground “kiss my nuts, I’ll show you!” he closes his eyes and starts to grimace.
Taylor buries her face into Garcia’s chest, “Oh my god, now he looks like he's going to take a shit!” she starts to laugh again.
Garcia joins her in laughter, “Pendejo you're trying too hard!”

Colby's face contorts into almost cartoon-like expressions distracting most of the squad. Meyers is bent at his knees laughing, “Dog stop it, you’re killing me!”
But suddenly somehow Colby lifts off the ground “Yahoo!” he is twirling freely in flight.
“Dog you did it!”
“Who’s the loser now!” as he floats overhead.

Everyone else soon begins to float upwards as the tune their minds to Mother's frequency.

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