Reality Wave - Sex on my Colonel's desk - Warning Adult Content - Chapter 55


I just want more – I want him so badly! The Colonel strikes an uncanny resemblance to the Rock, which only makes me more horny! I look up at him and our eyes lock, I start to melt in his arms as there is no way to back out now!

The next thing I know – he’s kissing me wildly like a man who has been without sex for a long time. All over my neck his warm breath dust across my skin. My ears are on fire as his kisses touch them ever so lightly. I’m totally losing it! He’s losing it too as he starts feeling my breast on the outside of my uniform. He unbuttons my shirt and it drops to the floor. I unclasp my bra and it also drops to the floor. He practically rips his shirt open revealing a ripped and defined torso.

He gently fondles my breast with a ravenous sexual hunger, I quickly unbuckle his belt and unbutton his pants. Falling to my knees I begin pulling his pants and underwear down. I want to see it so bad!! He helps by pushing it out towards me. It’s golden caramel, long and thick. It’s so beautiful.

The head flares wide like a glistening cobra, his whole shaft is engorged and pulsing waiting for my lips. He barely rubs the tip of his cock on my lower lip, leaving some wetness. Going further, he lightly bounces it against both of my lips. He twirls it as he slowly pushes it into my wet hot mouth, sliding all the way in, savoring every moment.

I begin licking underneath sending shivers through his body. My fingers run lightly under his velvety sacks as I take him whole into my mouth, there’s a deep breath from him. He thrust his hips as he groans and grunts as the sound of wet suction fills his office. Suddenly an alarm goes off! NO – No!!

“What is that?!” I scream.
We’re being attacked!"He says.
With him still in my mouth I can’t possibly stop, he’s so hard I know he wants to cum, “I can’t stop now, can you?”
“No! I can’t, I want you too much!” He says. I don’t blame him, I want this to last as long as possible too.

I continue to lick underneath his balls as he pulls his penis upward. He groans as I suck firmly plunging down repeatedly all the way down to the base of his juicy cock. I’m starting to get to him, he starts to breath harder. I continue to plunge my lips downward, taking him whole each time.

He grabs the back of my head holding me down, then let me up for air. This goes on for almost a minute, his cock hardens immensely. He knows I want him in me so badly!

With a mighty swipe, he clears everything from his desk. He powerfully lifts me up like a rag doll and spreads me across his desk. He unbuttons my pants and I lift my hips so he can slide them off quickly. My wet panties roll down my legs. He tosses them to the floor and positions himself, spreading me wide open as he pushes my legs up to his shoulders,.

He slowly slides it into me, twirling it around inside. I feel an amazing pleasure as he grinds up against me. My heart pumps faster as my breathing picks up. Then he starts to slide in and out of me slowly, savoring every bit of me as he gazes into my eyes. My breast bounces up and down with each pump. Moans slip from my lips as he hits my pleasure areas. His thrust becomes more powerful. My moans get louder as his muscular torso thrust into me, bouncing me back and forth across his desk.

He grunts like a mighty bull pounding me relentlessly as our bodies are slapping against each other. Sweat runs down his fine muscular body, dripping between my legs to my already soaked pussy. His wet balls slap against my ass, it feels so damn good!

I’m at full fever as spasms undulate in and around my pussy. I cum as his powerful thrust drives through me, sending me to pleasures I will never forget. I scream with delight as one orgasm after another stiffens my body. He’s ready to cum too, he grunts hard, “I’m cumming! he quickly backs away holding his throbbing cock, he wants me to suck him off!

I leap to the floor before anything squirts out. He holds the pulsing head preventing anything from escaping. Once I’m in position, he starts to jerk himself off then placing his pulsating cock on my lower lip. “Oh shit,” he screams as a powerful spurt hits my upper lip, quickly followed by another across my brow. Flicking my tongue, cum wraps around it clinging in globs. His pulsing head breaks past my lips as more spurts continue flowing heavily down my throat. Eagerly swallowing as it flows. He moans delivering the rest of his load by jerking off, he does this until every last bit drains out. I thirstily suck what he has left. Savoring his taste, I gaze at him. Am I falling in love with him? Or is it just unbridled lust?

“Lieutenant, you better get the squad ready,” pulling his super hard cock from my lips.
“Um, Okay.” I don’t want to let go of him because I think I’m going to fall on the floor like a pile of Jello. He has to practically peel me off. I just want to suck him off so more! Still stroking himself, he steps back “Oh God, that was so good,” he says breathing heavily.
I know he can see the giant smile on my face, with more than likely his cum glistening on my lips. He tasted so fucking good! He glances at a clock on his desk.

"Colonel, please don’t go now!
“I have to, the general is expecting me,” as he quickly gets dressed.
“Where’s the shower in here?”
“To your left,” he says as he quickly exits.

I get to my feet completely naked. I pick up my clothes and head for the shower. As the spray of water hits my overheated body, I think about what we just did. Did we make a mistake by doing this? I thought for sure he was going to say I was off the project before he left, he knows it's not appropriate to get emotionally involved with someone under his command.

He probably wanted to stay and make more love as much as I did – Oh girl what have you done? You know exactly where things were going, don’t kid yourself. A torrid love affair with my commanding officer is what you have in your hands now. I rinse the soap from my body thinking of him, my finger creeping towards my still hot pussy.

Suddenly the shower curtain is whipped away, the Colonel is standing there totally naked. Even though we just made passionate love a moment ago, he's back.
“Do you mind Lieutenant?” pointing his still hardened cock at me.
“Uh, no-what are you doing?” I’m frozen in complete shock, he knows he has to meet with the general for mission details.
Colonel shouldn’t you be meeting General Carson right now?
“Yes I should, but I want more of you.”

He steps into the shower with me and we begin kissing, going at it hot and heavy. I let him soap up my ass, oh that was a big turn on. His cock soon enters me from behind. It slides in and out as he is holding me by my waist, he pumps slowly at first but then builds up to a faster speed.

While pumping vigorously, he rubs soapy bubbles on my ass, his fingers probe near my pussy, sometimes entering. The man has talent, what can I say. He then angles upward as he intensely pumps faster. Damn, he hit my clitoris, “Oh God, that feels so fucking good!”

I start pushing back against him, following his rhythm. “Oh yes baby, that’s it!” Together our pleasure starts to reach the climax I want so badly. After a couple of minutes, he begins grunting, I know he’s getting close. So I better let go about now.

“Come on faster! Fuck me faster,” I scream at him. His pumps shorten up as he groans I tighten down on him, I explode as his cock slides in at tight angles. My screams of passion echo in the shower. Finally, he leans back holding himself, he wants me to finish him off with a nice blow job again.

“Do you want another one?”
He just nods yes, with his mouth partly open panting for air. I slide my hand up and down to the head of his cock in a twisting motion getting him ready. I plunge my mouth down over him taking it in full, holding then sliding the hard shaft out. Over and over, turning my head in various angles he arches his body, I feel him quiver as I plunge down on him again and again. He moans with such pleasure.

I can tell he’s trying not to cum yet. Sucking firmly on his engorged cock he moans more. My tongue moving side to side over his large hard shaft, he’s enjoying it so much. Soaping my hand up I start jacking him off, he really responds to it. With my other hand, I tenderly massage his balls. He’s liking that too. I don’t know how he’s holding back.

“Uh - Uh,” he groans. I continue faster and faster, his cock feels so fucking hard, I mean rock hard, it begins to throb.

“Uh - uh - uh, I’m coming! I’m coming!” he screams. The first spurt is very strong, it gets into my hair, but I continue jacking him off. I learned a long time ago when a man is cumming, you never ever stop. Just keep going until he completely finishes. His second spurt is also fairly powerful hitting me in the forehead. The next lands on my cheek. I attack slurping away at what I thought was the leftovers, but no, this hunk of a man is not done yet – not by any means.

He suddenly erupts full into my mouth. “Uh – oh God!” he moans. Wow! I swallowed his load quickly, but then a second load follows – with a deep sexual hunger I gulp it down. His sexy moans turn me on as I lick around the head of his still throbbing cock, sucking on the dribbles oozing from that plump head, and yet I still want more.


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