Reality Wave - Secrets Revealed - Chapter 28


I believe he’s right, these reptilians may return. We double-time it back to the gunnery bunker. Phillips and I have determined that it is the most secure area. Phillips puts the place into lock-down mode and mans the security camera station. I just happen to notice that fat hillbilly Tillman playing around with that video camera he took off the dead exploration team we came across out in the barren Antarctic snow.

“Phillips, what about that camera Tillman has, it might have some answers to this mystery we find ourselves in. He looks over to Tillman, “Bring that camera over here!”

Minutes later we are running the video. We see a lot of footage of the group trekking through the desolate snowy landscape. Finally, Darla Huntsman, the famous romance writer comes up on camera. With deep interest, I sit forward, “Turn up the audio!”

"Hey everyone, this is Darla Huntsman, my next book I’m writing will be based on what we’ve uncovered here. The great mystery of man, who are we? Who created us, God, or aliens? What are the mysteries of Antarctica? Why have so many important people from science to politics and religious leaders made recent trips here? Just last week the President of the United States made a visit here. Of course, everything is top secret as no details where ever giving on mainstream media about her activates here. Where they official, or was it a personal pleasure trip. But we’ve discovered something so amazing hidden here, it explains why they're guarding this place with high tech equipment and thousands of security personnel.”

Suddenly we hear howling winds kick up, Darla is almost blown over, “My goodness, what's going on?!” she screams. We hear several men start to holler in panic, then the video abruptly ends. Phillips shaking his head, “Poor souls, they never had a chance, that must have been when they got hit with that snow storm.” he rolls it back to see if there is anything more, suddenly video shows the group pointing to something up ahead.

“What’s this?” Putting my hand on the monitor. The footage unfolds a fantastic story as we follow them up an embankment. Darla comes on screen again, “My God! We’ve uncovered a secret so massive, this will boggle the mind!”

Then incredible footage of magnificent towers of crystal. More majestic pyramids leading to a forgotten city of the Past. Gleaming futuristic buildings partially buried in ice, hundreds of feet deep.

“My God, they found the city, they found the city!” I scream excitedly.

Darla continues her narration, “Many believe there might also be alien underground bases located here. Even Hitler himself is rumored to have built a base here. They knew something was special about this area and I’ve uncovered that mystery-" More footage of fantastic statues of gigantic size. Then the bodies in ice. Whole walls of giants encased in ice. As if caught in some apocalyptic flood in the deep past.

“So we're on the right path to finding the city ourselves!” Holding on to Phillips arm.

"Phillips opens up a monitor to view outside. “It is almost nightfall,” he turns on some giant floodlights that illuminate the surrounding perimeter of the pyramid.
“A major storm is kicking up! The heavy snow blowing in is pushing back our visibility,” he says. He puts his hand on mine, “We should get some sleep. They’re plenty of bunks down below.”
“You’re right I can barely keep my eyes open.”
“If we can get an early start in the morning, we should find your city tomorrow.”

“I still can’t believe it when I think about it, just to be so close to my objective,” I said leaning my head on his shoulder.
Phillips softly squeezes my hand, “I have to confess, I had a lot of trouble buying the whole bit in the beginning, but after what I’ve seen, we’ll find it. And you know what?”

I put my his chin on my shoulder and look into those deep blues, “What?”

“I’m actually very excited to be with you when you discover the city. I know how important this is to you. I’m just happy to be part of it.”

“Oh that’s so sweet,” I know why I’ve falling for this man. We go into a very deep and passionate kiss. We end up down below at the officer quarters, they’re much nicer than the crewman bunks. Tillman walks past us, “I got dibs on the Captains quarters!” I almost wanted to kick him in the ass when he went by. I bet there was a double king size bed in there!

Phillips points to the quarters in front of us.
“You’re just a few feet from me. If you need anything just holler.”
“Oh come on, we both know they want each other,” he leans toward me to give me an another kiss. I run my hand through his thick wavy hair and slide my hand around his neck, pulling him into my quarters, he kicks the door shut and I’m clinging to him as we fall on to the couch. I’ve hungered for him for so long.
With a deep lust for each other, we begin pulling and unbuttoning each others clothes, our bodies become intertwined, heaving in passion. “I want you so badly!” moaning in his ear.

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