Reality Wave - Nightmare Turned Into Reality - Chapter 53


Somehow, I get myself together as I enter the Briefing Room, several high-ranking military officers along with a few scientists sit at a long conference table. That sexy Colonel Tarver comes up behind me, he taps me on the shoulder and flashes his gorgeous smile. Just seeing him makes me feel so much better.

We take our seats. A large flat screen slides from a hidden panel at the front of the room. Video of Excavation Engineers walking through strange twirling tunnels appears. A long shot video showing the discovery of several massive tunneling machines covered in metallic scales housed in an artificial cored out cavern are shown.

I straighten up in my chair as I recognize the scene from my nightmare. Every damn thing was the same, the rock formations, the tunnel machines, which also look exactly like the ones at the Pentagon attack, my God! I can only sit here absolutely stunned, trying to stay rational.

Mr. Jackson takes the podium, “You are looking at the video we received from helmet cams of soldiers and engineers who where attacked this morning. General Carson will give you more detail on the attack.”

General Carson steps up to the podium, he takes a drink of water clears his throat, “At approximately 0900 hours this morning, we lost communication with Sentinel 1, a specially built bunker within an ancient pyramid that can withstand – and I will use this term loosely supernatural energy. I wanted to send our Titan Commandos in on their first mission, however, Colonel Tarver felt they were not ready yet, some special equipment malfunction I believe.”

General Carson takes a deep breath, “After what has occurred, I now feel we made the right choice to not to send them in. They were to have linked up with a company of Army Rangers who were held up in South America taking care of some business with Rebels there. Just like us, they were also itching for some experience fighting Reptilians. They were flown in by Black Hawks from U.S. military base in Ushuaia, which is located in the southernmost tip of a South American nation.

They had a pit stop to refuel on a carrier in the regional waters before arriving here. They were to serve as the main fighting force going in and the Titan squad to serve as back up reserves in case things got messy, and messy they got. The Rangers quickly found themselves in a hornets nest. Here is some additional video of the actual battle in progress.”

My fingernails practically dig into the conference table as explosions, machine gun, and pulse fire erupt across the giant screen like some blockbuster science fiction movie. Only something much more real emerges from the video as military force engages in a firefight never before experienced by them. The stark reality of death permeates through their vastly uneven battle. The searing screams of dying soldiers begin to echo through my mind, almost like I’m there again, reliving the horror of the battle.

Reptilians are moving at incredible speeds, attacking and killing the excavation crews. Human bodies are ripped mercilessly apart like a predator would its prey in the wild. They effortlessly leap over boulders and slicing through our Rangers disintegrating their fire line. The look of confusion and desperation can be seen in the soldier’s faces as they fire in uncoordinated directions.

They attempt to retreat in some sort of orderly manner but are wiped out before many can even turn to run. I tug a little at my collar to let a bit of cool air in as perspiration begins to run down my forehead, I can feel my heart rate drastically increase. I feel like I just want to run out of here!

The Colonel notices my discomfort, “Are you alright Lieutenant?”
I nod my head, yes, trying desperately to hold it together, please don’t fall apart here, I plead with myself!

Then a video of demolition engineers blowing up tunnels is shown. The General continues, “As you have just witnessed, our men were slaughtered down there, they didn’t stand a chance against their speed and agility of the Reptilians. We lost 80 percent of the Ranger company in an 8-minute battle. We ended up sealing the Reptilian contingent in temporary by blowing all tunnels leading out, we know they’ll just dig themselves out again, so we also mined the tunnels for several miles with enough C4, maybe blowing them back to Hell from where they came. How long will that slow them down, it’s anyone’s guess. That is why it is imperative the Titan Project be implemented ASAP. Colonel, I would like an update on the project from your end after our meeting here."

Tarver, acknowledges, “Yes General Carson.” The General continues, “After they sealed up the construction area recon teams checked the bunker, what they found was something so horrifying I have no words to describe it, I can only show you the video. I must warn you all that this portion of the video is very graphic.”

Video of the inside of the bunker is shown, torn apart bodies are everywhere, just as I remembered, I close my eyes, I just can’t look at this anymore. I am even more confused as the bodies Phillips, Tillman and I cleared away are now back out again. I start to feel a little faint, if I had anything in my stomach, I would have puked it out on the table right about now.

The General continues, "There was evidence of a Reptilian infiltrator found there, some security video caught crew members transform with the ability to change its appearance. We call them “Shape Shifters” we’ve been on high alert about them. We think they may be planning an attack on the base again. Our intelligence reports they use some kind of a liquid crystal technology to project a full body hologram. They are so high res that every pore in the skin can be visible. Are there any questions?”

I raise my hand. General Carson points to me. “Can we see that security video that shows the actual shapeshifting?”
“Unfortunately the recon team cleared out quickly fearing another attack, so no video was copied and brought back. But we do have the detailed reports from the surviving Rangers.”
I raise my hand again.
“Yes Lieutenant?”

“What kind of security steps are being taken here in the base General?”
“Since they are using holograms, then we can spot them with thermal, we would be able to see their true shape under the hologram so our security teams have been outfitted with thermal goggles, and are doing personnel sweeps. Anything else?”

“Yes General, is it possible they could be using technology other than holograms?”
“Like what Lieutenant?”
“Perhaps something where they could actually shift physical matter itself, at the molecular level.”

“Well anything is possible, but intelligence reports that they have actually captured hologram projection hardware. They discovered it built into the armor suits the Reptilians wear. Some bodies with suits were recovered from the Pentagon attack.”

Sitting back in my chair, I contemplate maybe I’m on a wild goose chase here. But I remember their transformation so vividly. I could actually hear the flesh twisting and reforming, not like dropping a holographic image covering like they’re suggesting.

Mr. Jackson takes the podium again, “We will move the briefing to the testing lab in 3 hours, see you all there.”

As the briefing breaks Tarver and I step outside the conference room.
"How is everything coming along with the squad?” he asks.

I’ll say everything is hunky dory and throw some other stuff at him, “I would say they’re a unique bunch,” I smile, looking as rational as possible. “My non-experience as a battle-tested soldier bothers some of them. Specifically, because they believe I’m just wet behind the ears 22-year old Lieutenant. But I believe they will all come to respect me as a soldier in time.”

He touches my arm as to comfort me, “They all served under me in Afghanistan. They will follow you to the death if they have to. Valor is not in short supply with them.” I can see Tarver has complete confidence in his men, a sign of a good leader.

I have no doubt they would follow to the death, and somehow I experienced it, by dream or premonition, who knows. But I can’t tell him that, “Well Colonel, hopefully, it doesn’t come down to that.”
He touches the perspiration on my forehead, “Lieutenant, are you sure you're okay?”
“Colonel, I think maybe I might just have a slight touch of the flu.”

“You do look a little pale. Follow me to my office I have some tabs you can take. I have a meeting with General Carson later.”
“Thank you sir.”

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