Reality Wave My Nightmare of Death - Chapter 26


“It was horrible, everyone unmercifully slaughtered! They didn’t stand a chance!”
Phillips firmly holds me trying to calm me down from my mad ranting, “You fell asleep, it was just a bad nightmare, that’s all.”

“No, it was more than a nightmare, I saw what happened here, how they managed to get in and do all this destruction! They can change their appearance!”
“Who can?”
“The Reptilians, they can look human!”
“Well, that would explain how they got in here, by infiltration.”
“And there’s an angel, he’s blond, tall and beautiful, he rescued me from the massacre!”

“Okay, you need to calm down, it had to only be a weird nightmare. Take a couple of slow soothing breaths,” Phillips strong arms around me does seem to help. Comforting memories of safety and comfort overtake me. Like when my Dad would rush into my room after I had a frightening nightmare as a small child. Somehow he would comfort me by lovingly singing me back to sleep.

Suddenly Tillman runs in breathing heavily, he looks like he just saw a ghost, "I-I just saw a blond long-haired hippy man with wings walking down the hall, I swear on my ma’s grave!

In shock, I look wide-eyed at Phillips. “You see, he’s real!”
We immediately jump up grabbing our weapons and briskly follow Tillman down the hall ending up at the elevator. “He must of went into the elevator,” Tillman nervously pointing. Phillips puts his hand over the palm pad, but nothing happens, “It needs a palm print that has security clearance to gain access.”

Without hesitation I place my palm over the pad and it actually opens, “Okay what the hell just happened?”
Phillip looking very surprised, “You tell me.”
“The only thing I can think of, is I do have top secret clearance because of working with my Dad.”
Phillips scratches his chin, “Okay, that makes sense I suppose.”

We all step into the elevator and it automatically takes us down to the 7th level. We’re all stunned since nobody hit the elevator level button. All that pops out of Phillips is, “What the-?” Tillman looks like a scared child looking at the button that just seemed to pushed itself.

We get to level 7 to find an array of giant underground transport tunnels. I freeze in my tracks as we stand in front of small one man pods in parked rolls. Oh God, I recognize them from my nightmare. Phillips senses something is wrong with me, “Are you okay?”

“This is what I saw in my nightmare! I saw everything through another person’s eyes, I experienced what they experienced, it’s the only thing that makes sense! I experienced their death here. I was – I mean they were eaten alive by a reptilian, it was so horrible.”

Phillips carefully moves through the transport pods with his pistol cocked and ready. We follow closely behind. We soon discover large troop capsules, as well as full cargo trains.

Phillips steps up into the transport platform leading to the tunnel entrance. “Damn, all of it looks like sleek polished steel. Amazing engineering, this explains how supplies and personnel got here. Possibly how they must of gutted out this pyramid and transformed it into a giant bunker. Maybe this tunnel leads to the underground base you spoke of?”

Phillips peers down into the dimly lighted tunnel, “Hey it seems to be sealed by some kind of massive plug. Maybe to keep those reptilians from going further into the tunnel network. Wait, there's something down the tunnel."

I jump up on the launch platform and peer down into the tunnel and see something slightly highlighted by the tunnel lighting. We soon come upon a smashed up transport pod, gruesome splattered blood stains like tree branches cover most of it. The canopy is broken away. I’m hesitant to look inside of it because I know what I’m going to find, but I must, it will confirm my theory. What I find is beyond all horror.

Phillips comes up next to me. Together we view what’s is left of a partially eaten body in the pod. Exactly like in my nightmare. Neither of us can tell whether it was male or female, there isn’t much left.

We return to the transport chamber, I’m looking for anything to lean against, my mind is reeling. I rub my finger tips over my throbbing temples, “What does this all mean? Did I see the final moments of someone that died? What the hell is going on. More phenomena of the Reality Wave?

Phillips emerges from the tunnel, his tough guy exterior seems to crumble away leaving a deeply emotional human being standing before me. He puts his arms around me. I bury my face into his chest. I just want to crawl into his embrace, it felt so good, I could feel his warm heart thumping.

This man Phillips is expressing something I never thought I needed. Emotional support, I guess no matter how tough you may think you are, you will always need that special someone to help you through difficult times. I was here to unwrap a mystery, and so far it's mind boggling.

There are more questions than answers. I look into Phillips eyes, I see a guy with a heart of gold, a man not afraid to show he cares. Something I thought didn’t exist, most men I encountered where like Tillman in some form or another. I look up at him, he seems fixated with a thought, “What's wrong?”

He looks back into my eyes, "You know, I remember sitting in church as a kid, and I would just look at the paintings of angels on the Cathedral walls and often wonder if I would ever see one, you know, for real. I figured if I were lucky, I would see them on the day I died, if I went to Heaven of course.

I slap his arm, “Oh stop it, you’re a good man, you are definitely Heaven material.”
“You’re an angel on Earth, maybe you can put in a good word for me.”
“Auw,” Damn I just want to kiss him – now control yourself Ava – oh the hell with it!

Our lips meet, something inside me latches on to his love. His embrace becomes more firm as I can feel his raw emotion filling me up. He was giving me something I had craved, for so very long, but could never find. He’s changed me in a way that makes me feel more complete in some way, I love the feeling.

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