Reality Wave - Monsters Unleashed - Chapter 32


First, very hot sex with Nick, then breakfast in bed, and now this! I mean just look at this, on both sides of this massive armory, rolls of M4 rifles, M16's, M485's. Then next to Nick on the table some major firepower.

"A Mark 19 40 mm automatic grenade launcher, and next to that is the M32 Multi-shot Grenade Launcher, this instantly enhances the firepower and effectiveness of a Marine rifle squad.

I pick it up to get a feel of it, “This baby is able to deliver six 40mm high-explosive grenades in under three seconds, there is some heavy duty weapons in here.”

Nick smiles at me, "Wow, you look pretty sexy. A woman with major firepower really turns me on!”
I blow him a kiss. I felt like a child in a toy store. Ammo and weapons galore, I mean amazingly we somehow crammed all the gear that we could possibly fit into the vehicle cargo area. Nick hits the side of the amphibious assault vehicle to wake up Tillman inside, “Let’s do it!”

Tillman turns over the engine as Nick and I board the vehicle and close the rear ramp door. The monitor from our front camera shows a solid wall is in front us. I’m thinking okay, how do we get this thing out of here. I’m afraid to even ask without sounding stupid. I mean they had to of gotten this vehicle in here somehow.

Suddenly hydraulic motors sound and the wall in front of us opens up like a giant clam releasing a blast of icy air in us, but this vehicle has some nice heating to keep us comfortable. Plus our thermals are doing a great job too.

"Very nice,” I said a bit surprised.
“Impressed?” Nick with a grin.
“Terribly, that wall looked rather solid like the others.”
Nick chuckles a bit, “Tillman accidentally hit the remote control on the dash this morning scaring the shit out of himself.”

Looking over at Tillman, “I should of figured he’s not a genius disguised as a hillbilly.”
“Hell yeah!” Tillman puts the gas to it and we burst out of the vehicle garage. We hit the snowy terrain and the tank treads easily plow through mounds of snow that piled high around the pyramid during the storm last night.

Grabbing a hold of Nick’s hand, I gently squeeze it, he can see I’m filled with super excitement. I can tell he is as excited as I am, “We’re about to find the buried city!” I cry out.
Smiling at me, his eyebrows raise, “We’re on our way!”

As we proceed on our journey, I begin thinking how close we are to learning the truth. I know the pyramid must play a roll in the location of the city, so it must be near. I feel whoever built it thousands of years ago somehow structured it to guard against whatever wants enter our world.

I’ll never forget what Dad said about the dome protecting us from Hell itself. If there's an opening to Hell up ahead, it may be how the Reptilians entered our world. Are they the first wave of Satan's army invading our world? Or are they just hybrids created by the cabal?

After several hours of uneventful travel, Tillman looks over his shoulder, “There are some buildings up ahead! Is that Hitler’s base? We could get rich by discovering it you know!”

As usual, all Tillman is concerned about is making a fast buck. I check the monitor and view a number of buildings, some storage tanks, and a giant communication antenna, “I think it might be a research facility. All though it wasn’t on the map for whatever reason. Perhaps it hasn’t been here that long.”

Nick glances over to me, “It’s your call Ava, what do you want to do?”
“I think it could be something important to my mission, we might obtain some valuable information, let’s check it out.”
“Alright, get us there!” he, pats Tillman on the back.
“Aye aye Captain!” He turns and salutes Nick.
With that big red bushy beard, he kind of looks like a fat ass pirate. In less than 5 minutes we arrive at the main building.

“Tillman you stay manning the vehicle, Ava and I are going to talk with whoever is in there.”
“Aye aye Captain!”
What is it with this idiot? Who does he think he is, Scottie?
Nick grabs his rifle, he puts his hand on my shoulder, “With this military vehicle and uniforms, they may think we’re military security unit patrolling the area and willingly supply us with information.”

“Okay, will go with that,” nodding my head and grabbing my rifle.
He pushes the hatch open above us. Cold air rushes in giving us a little shock. We quickly leap to the icy ground baring our M4 assault rifles.

Nick and I carefully move towards the front entrance – nobody seems to be around, but I notice some light inside. Nick puts his hand up for me to halt. We observe some of the windows are broken and someone tried to board things up with wooden sheets. The door is almost knocked off both hinges by some great force. He barely touches the door and it falls over.

Snow is several inches deep on the floor, furniture is turned over, all clues to something violent happening here.
We stay on guard in case someone heard the door fall. Half a minute goes by – nobody pops up.

“This place might be completely abandoned,” as he steps in further scanning his surroundings. He waves me in. I follow him in closely as he pans around the room with his rifle. I swear Nick has military experience, the way he’s moves around with his assault weapon – he’s obviously been trained in urban combat and for whatever reason we doesn’t want to talk about it.

Then wind suddenly begins to howl through the broken windows. Nick with some anxiety, “Another storm could be brewing, we need to check things out quickly!”

We move down the hall and into some offices. It becomes even more evident something tore the place apart. Then some noise – quickly we aim our rifles in that direction. A woman walks in on us. Startled she immediately raises her hands terrified, “Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot!”

She’s wearing a lab coat, looks like a scientist, or Physician, her graying hair is pulled up in a bun. Trembling, “Can I put my hands down?”

“Yes,” I respond, we lower our rifles. “I’m Vickers, we’re doing a security check!”
“Thank God you’re here! I’m Dr. Minsky, lead scientist here.”
“What happened here?” I look about.
“Our communications is down. We’ve been cut off for days.”

I notice the poor woman is shivering. I put my arm around her, “Please tell us what happened?”

“They dug up our cables and ripped them apart.”
“Who did?”
“Some kind of animals, very large.” I can see she’s still in terror.
“Why do you believe animals are the cause?”

“I’ve never seen them, but I found this,” she goes over to a desk and pulls something out, it looks like a clump of white hair, "I found this on my assistant’s bunk, she disappeared with the others. She hands it to me and I begin to examine it.

“Polar bear?” Nick curious.
“The hair looks about 7 to 8 inches long, very thick and coarse, this certainly doesn’t belong to any type of polar bear. I’ve never seen anything like this.”

“Do you have any vehicles here?”
We do, but the tires were all slashed to pieces.

Nick approaches her, “First they cut off your communications – then take out the transportation. These animals seem to be a little too intelligent to be animals. How many of you are there left?”

“We had 35 staff members, but now there’s just two of us.”
“What happened to the rest?” I ask.
“Everyone was taken by the creatures. Dr. Blake and I now lock ourselves in the research lab at night. Mainly because it is the only area that has reinforced steel walls and heavy security doors. Come, follow me!”

She leads us further down the hall to a large metal door and points. I run my hand over the huge scratches on the metal door, “Giant claw marks, these things are huge.”
“We heard their growls and howls at night, and then the tearing at our doors trying to get to us.” Dr. Minsky runs her pass key card through, and the heavy metal door slides open.

We follow her into a very dimly lit hallway and then into an elevator. We go down several levels until we hit the last level. The doors open and we enter a very large area, it must be hundreds of feet in diameter. Almost the size of a football field. There’s some kind of machinery in the center, it looks like something I’ve seen before.

“What do you guys do here?” I ask.
“Research in particle acceleration,” she responds.
“You mean like Cern?”
“Yes, but our accelerator is much smaller.”
“Why would you be doing particle acceleration in the middle of the Antarctic?”
“Well that’s classified information, I can’t go into any further detail.”

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