Reality Wave - Massacre - Chapter 59


My Titan squad flash through the tunnel network at high-speed flight using their bio armored combat suits. The feeling of flight is like no other as I find myself speeding through the tunnel network with little effort. Within a few minutes, my squad lands 30 feet from a massive titanium plug that blocks off the 50 foot in diameter tunnel leading to the bunker.

“Dude that was awesome!” Colby screams.
“No shit dog!” Meyers responds.
“Knock it off! You two sound like a couple of school girls getting off a park merry-go-round!” Sergeant Armstrong scolds.
“Boyer, see if you can burn through that,” I order.

Boyer lifts his cannon onto his shoulder, “Oh yeah baby, I am laying waste to anything that gets in my way.” He aims his monstrosity at the plug. The tip of weapon glows and a brilliant blue beam burns away at the plug. Turning it bright red and then yellow, and finally white hot, until finally the mass liquefies leaving a massive hole in it.
“Yeah! My baby did it, incredible,” Boyer proudly boast.

“Armstrong, take point,” as I motion to Meyers and Colby to cover him. Armstrong leads the squad strategically filing in with awesome weapons drawn. The Titan Squad enters the perimeter guard station lit by only emergency chemical lighting.

I signal to Boyer to take the left flank, as I cover the right. Security officers dead where they stood their ground, many still clutching their weapons with piles of spent shell casings surrounding them. This all looks very familiar.

We enter the bunker complex, the massacre scene is as it was when I found it days earlier. It was like walking into the chamber of horrors, bodies and body parts are strewn about, human beings completely torn apart, by what we could only imagine something out a nightmare. I don’t know what’s going on here, but we moved all of these bodies into the refrigerator a couple of days ago. But strangely enough, here they are again.

Armstrong steps over the carnage, "It looks like somebody rolled through here with a damn meat grinder.”
What he just said stops me dead in my tracks. Phillips, my guide said those very exact words. What is this, Deja Vu?
I signal for the squad to follow me to the main entrance of Gunnery Command Center. I know what we're going to find in there. But this time the doors are shut, why is that detail different? The squad position themselves at the sealed entrance.

“Armstrong, blow the doors open!” He blasts them and we rush in fanning out, only to find more bloody carnage. Every dead body in the same place as before. Chills run up my spine as I recognize some of them. The dead targeting crew. But how can that be, I must be dreaming, suffering a hallucination, seeing ghost, or maybe just losing my mind? The Control Center staff all dead, piled on one top of another. Draped over their monitor consoles, dying where they sat. But this time there are smoldering holes covering the walls, electronics smashed, small fires, emergency lights flickering like this just happened a moment ago.

Loo looks about, “They never knew what hit them.” I can tell Shepherd isn’t taking this well the petite little busty blood from Texas is completely out of her league here. I really don’t know how she ever made it on the squad to tell you the truth.

Armstrong finds a bloody body trail leading to a ghastly pile of corpses near the door,“Looks like a lot of them were running for the damn door, but never made it out,” he says.

I’m absolutely befuddled how did this horrible seen replay itself. Except something else is different, I look about suspiciously. “If nothing could get out then how -”
Three of the supposedly dead staffers suddenly leap to their feet while shapeshifting to their reptilian bodies.

“Lock and load!” I warn as I drill a large hole into the first infiltrator before it can fully transform, its body is thrust backward onto it’s back.
One of the reptilians still in a half human transformation leaps across the room firing its weapon. Large holes erupt in the walls from missed rounds, but Tarver nails the second infiltrator while it’s still in the air and dodges it’s body as it crashes into the wall behind him. The third manages to land on Armstrong, but he quickly shoves his weapon under the reptilian’s large jaw and blows off its head, sending the headless carcass tumbling over.

“Sergeant, secure the outer perimeter of the control center,” I order.
“Yes sir,” Armstrong signals the squad, they exit the control center. Tarver checks the remaining undamaged security monitors. “Hopefully some of these still work.” He switches to several security monitors covering sections of the bunker levels. A destroyed computer room, more dead littering the halls. He then checks security cameras in lower levels of a construction area where he finds giant Reptilian tunnel machines, “Okay I found where they’ve drilled through concrete and steel walls in a lower construction level. This is where they gained entrance to the bunker.”

Armstrong reports on the neuron net, “Colonel I’m getting a swarm of bio readings out here!”
Tarver and I rush out of the Gunnery Control Center.
We join the squad who are lined up against the hallway wall for cover.
“Lieutenant, a lot of activity in the maintenance area, it could be just a nest of rats in there, the readings are small,” suggests Armstrong.

“We’re going to need to cut through there in order to get to the lower construction area. Sergeant, get the job done!”
“Yes sir!” he, motions to Meyers and Colby to lead in. They hustle to the entrance to maintenance. Meyers kicks the sturdy inch thick metal door in like it was cardboard.
The pair rushes in and take cover near large support pillars. Machines and crates fill the massive room. The rest of the squad quickly follows. I sweep right as I catch a glimpse of something small flash by. I quickly turn my weapon towards the movement. My targeting sight moves across the dark shadowed areas. “I saw something small and hairy move very fast!” I yell to the others.
Armstrong yells back, “Probably just a rat! Hold on, my readings are getting stronger, lots activity in here.”
A strange feeling overtakes me as I know there are not rats in here, but something undeniably dangerous.


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