Reality Wave - Making love to my Colonel - (Adult content) Chapter 54


We enter Colonel’s office and he reaches into his desk and pulls out an empty bottle, “Damn, I'm sorry, I’ll run down the hall to the Sick Bay. I’ll be right back.”
"That’s okay Colonel, you don’t have to-"
“It’s no bother Lieutenant.”

As soon as leaves I look about to get a sense of who he is. I intensely study numerous pictures of him and the Marine company that he commanded in Afghanistan. I recognize some of my squad members in the pictures with him. He requested many of them for this project. He wanted soldiers he knew could come through any mission, the toughest, the best.

An advanced degree in microtechnology from M.I.T. Hangs behind some football trophies. He could have been a scientist here, not a soldier. Beauty, muscles, and brains what a combo. I pick up a picture of him in his football uniform, and under my breath, Oh, very nice. I can see a little of that quad development in his powerful legs.

A picture of a beautiful woman in uniform is on his desk. Picking it up I wonder if this is his girlfriend. I bet she loves him so much, I can see it in her eyes. She must see what I see in him. A dedicated man who believes in what he’s doing, an honorable service to his country, just like my Dad.

I notice a small jewelry box that was next to the picture. Curiosity gets the better of me as the next thing I know I find this beautiful snowflake pendant inside. I put it on to see how it looks on me in a mirror on the wall. Then it strikes me that it very similar to the pendant I found under the pyramid, among some slaughtered soldiers.

Colonel Tarver suddenly reenters his office – startling me.
"Wow Colonel, that was fast-" Oh god, caught red-handed.
I know he’s wondering why I have the picture of his girlfriend in my hand and not to mention wearing what possibly might be her pendant.

“She was my Fiancée, Lisa Henley.”
"Fiancée?" Okay think Ava, what do I say now?
He picks up the picture, “Lisa-” his voice cracks, “She was KIA several months ago,” holding himself together.”
“I’m so sorry, my God, you're still in mourning aren’t you?”
“I’m dealing with it,” he says with a deep sadness to his voice.

He goes on, "It was about 3 years ago, I was in command of a Marine company stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan. Your Dad had been commander there maybe a couple of years before leaving for Washington. It was rough there, mortar shells had rained in that morning, the insurgents were using advanced remote robot mobile mortar launchers then, extremely accurate, and very deadly, the enemy had a fairly good shelling raid that day. There were 8 casualties, 47 wounded, I was one of the lucky ones, only a small laceration on my right arm from some shrapnel. I wrapped it in some field dressing to control the bleeding. On the urging of my platoon leaders, I went to the base infirmary. They had already called it in so the medical team was expecting me in for treatment.
“Tough guy huh?”I said.
He smiles, “Well sometimes you don’t want your men to know you bleed.”
“Oh, the God complex?”

“Pretty much, after all, they’re lives are in my hands. Anyway, while waiting for some medical help, I noticed a beautiful woman working the front desk, I had never seen her on base before. I noticed the gold bar on her collar, an officer with the rank of 2nd lieutenant. I thought wow, facially she looked like a model who just stepped out of a fashion magazine. It had been a long time since I had been in a relationship. A very long time, in fact, as I thought about it, the last time was back in college, Mimi Larson, my senior year, grad night, boy that was something to remember.”

“Oh, really Colonel?” I am so happy that he is finally letting his wall come down. He actually feels comfortable talking about his inner feelings and personal experiences with me.

He leans against a support pillar, "Where did time go? I had been in the service for 14 years by then, what the hell happened? Maybe I had seen too many people die out there. The media was playing down the casualty rate, probably to keep the war effort going in a positive light to the American people, but being out there, but I knew different. After all, the war against terrorism was now into its 22nd year, and being fought on all 7 continents. It made it difficult to make friends in a war-torn environment like that. Especially a romantic relationship. Maybe that was why it never crossed my mind. The thought of opening your heart to someone and then losing them so abruptly. But despite that, I kept watching her, hoping she would turn my way, maybe to trade smiles. But she was so busy, she never even glanced at up at me until she looks up from her computer screen. I felt butterflies as we make eye contact for the first time. Anyway, I felt like a high school kid in love again. Like the war didn’t matter anymore, much less anything else."

“How sweet. It’s called falling in love Colonel.” I look deeply into his eyes, “You are a man of conviction, with a deep empathy for others, willing to give your life to right the wrongs in this world, those are wonderful qualities to have Colonel.” the way he’s looking at me, deep inside, I knew we are very much the same, trying to change the world for the better. It was probably what drew us together.

His voice starts to crack a bit again, “Just 2 days before the wedding we were hit with the longest and most deadliest mortar shelling ever. The infirmary took several direct hits- she- she was killed along with the entire medical staff.” His eyes tear up a bit, Oh no, my heart really goes out to him, what he feared the most happened.
“I’m so sorry for your loss Colonel.” I can tell this took a lot out of him emotionally to even mention. He probably had it locked away deep in his memories, probably only came out to haunt him in his nightmares.

I sense his emotion of deep pain and it reminds me of my loss of my Dad and I realize we share a painful bond of loss, “I’m in pain too, my Dad was my everything, he made me who I am. I dearly miss him. I know it takes time to heal, and I’m far from being completely healed from my emotional loss too,” as I sniffle, I lightly touch his hand to show him support. He looks a little surprised, but seems to appreciate the gesture, somehow a little smile emerges from him.

I move towards him and I softly cup his handsome face with my hand and look deeply into his eyes, I seem to feel his very soul. Although he’s so very different from Phillips in so many ways, he has that same kind of goodness in him, I can feel such a connection with him as we continue to gaze into each others eyes. He must know how badly I want him, the sexual tension has been building since we laid eyes on each other.

I wanted to throw myself on him right about now, but that would be a totally inappropriate thing to do, he’s my superior officer. He could be forced to remove me from the project. So back away girl, that’s it, step back a few steps before you lose control. But it’s like something within me takes control. I only want to be in his arms. I conjure up something within my subconscious to justify being in his arms. Yes, he so dearly needs me.

I put my arms around him, “Sometimes a good hug can go a long way.” I’m a bit surprised as he responds to me in same. I’m right where I want to be, in his big muscular arms, holding me tight.

I lean my head on his huge strong chest. I’ve never hugged someone with a build like his, solid muscle, and this big! Not an ounce of fat on him, very lean like Phillips, but much bigger! Then I go and risk everything – I just want more – I want him so badly! I look up at him and our eyes lock, I start to melt in his arms and there is no way to back out now!

The next thing I know – he’s kissing me wildly like a man who has been without sex for a long time. All over my neck his warm breath dust across my skin. My ears are on fire as his breath touches them ever so lightly with kisses. I’m totally losing it! He’s losing it too as he starts feeling my breast on the outside of my uniform. He unbuttons my shirt and it drops to the floor. I unclasp my bra and it also falls to the floor. He practically rips his shirt open revealing a ripped and defined torso.

He gently fondles my breast with a ravenous sexual hunger, I quickly unbuckle his belt and unbutton his pants. Falling to my knees hanging onto his waistband, I begin pulling his pants and underwear down. I want to see it so bad!! He helps by pushing it out towards me. It’s golden caramel, long and thick. It’s so beautiful. The head flares wide like a glistening cobra, his whole shaft is engorged and pulsing waiting for my lips. I begin licking underneath sending shivers through his body. My fingers run lightly under his velvety sacks as I take him whole into my mouth, there’s a deep breath from him. He thrust his hips as he groans and grunts as the sound of wet suction fills his office. Suddenly an alarm goes off! NO – No!!

"What is that?!" I scream.
We're being attacked!"He says.


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