Reality Wave - Mad Dog Maddox - Chapter 37


The high-tech unmarked black chopper lands 20 meters from us. A beefy man dressed in black fatigues and beret, mirror sunglasses, jumps from the aircraft, he’s followed by 2 other black-clad security men carrying assault rifles. He’s armed with a holstered sidearm.

His facial features are angular with a squared off chin. Blondish hair in a short military cut. He could be considered very handsome by most women. As he approaches, I notice his walk is laden with a superiority complex. Looks like he expects the snow to part in front of him. He reminds me of one of those authority freaks who goes power-mad when given too much power. His sleeves are rolled up exposing several tattoos, I recognize one of them as a special forces patch logo.

“I see you were in special forces.”
There is no response from him. He stands there like a stone gargoyle.
The Sun glints off his sunglasses as he looks straight at me, “I’m Maddox, Chief of Security at base 311. You’re trespassing on top-secret military property. What are you doing in this God forsaken wasteland?”

Tillman with his hands up points over to me,“Ask her, she’s the crazy bitch who paid us to come here!” Maddox steps over to me, “What are you doing in this area?”
“Just doing standard exploration, why, what’s the problem?” I respond.

"I am placing all of you under arrest in violation of 7 federal laws and 14 international laws. He looks over his shoulder, motions to the two behind him. They begin hand cuffing Nick and Tillman.
The wind changes direction, and this Maddox guy starts to look around sniffing.
“What is that disgusting order?” he says.
One of the guards yells out, “This big bearded guy smells like shit!”
“I had a little accident,” Tillman responds.

Maddox pulls out his handcuffs looking at me, “Turn around.”
I reluctantly turn my back to him and he roughly grabs my wrist and snaps on the handcuffs, he gets closer behind me, I can feel his breath on the nap of my neck. This guy is very aggressive, then his hand begins to grope me abrasively, damn him! He slides his hand down into my pants. “You damn pig!” I yell at him.

Nick doesn’t like what he sees, “Hey, what are you doing you fucking pervert!”
Maddox pulls a high caliber pistol from the front of my pants, “Look at what I found – little girls with big guns don’t mix.”

Shrugging my shoulders, "Wonder how that got there?'
They herd us into the sleek black chopper, I could hear specialized jet engines underneath propel us into the cold morning air. Within minutes we’ve flown over several miles of barren wasteland.

Tillman is sitting across from Maddox jabbering at him. Tillman should just keep his big mouth shut, but he doesn’t.
“Look Mister Maddox, they forced me to come here, it wasn’t my idea. It’s all her fault, that bitch is crazy, I’m telling you. She’s here to see God at the edge of the Earth, seriously. I’m not going to prison am I?”

Maddox very coldly, “Oh, you’re probably looking at about 140 years or so, give or take a few decades.”
“Oh Hell no, I can’t do that kind of time, I rather be dead!”
Instantly Maddox gets up and pulls his pistol from his holster. He points it at Tillman’s forehead. “How about one, right between the eyes?”

“Don’t kill me! Please don’t kill me!” Tillman begins sobbing as Maddox places the barrel of his pistol sternly against his forehead. I can hear splashing under Tillman’s seat as he urinates in his pants.

“Please don’t Kill me, Please- I didn’t mean I wanted to be dead!”
“You shouldn’t say shit you don’t mean. Someone might take you seriously,” circling the barrel around Tillman’s forehead. Wickedly teasing him with death.
"Well, I didn’t mean Mr. Maddox, so please don’t shoot-"
Then with no mercy, Maddox suddenly pumps a round into Tillman’s forehead. I jump in my seat in shock! Blood and brain matter sprays out from behind his head, he slumps forward with his cuffed hands behind him still quivering.
Our cuffs are all attached to a chain running along the bench seat. So we can’t even stand. But it is still holding Tillman’s body upright.

“My God why did you shoot him!! He was unarmed and no threat to you!” I scream.
He savagely kicks Tillman’s dead body over – blood pours across the floor of the chopper, “I never did like sniveling cowards. If your going to die, you should die like a man.”

“What are you? Some kind of monster?” I angrily scream.
A sinister smile forms on his face as he turns to Nick, who knows whats coming next. He can see it deep into Maddox’s soulless eyes as I can. Maddox points his pistol at Nick as he walks towards him, “Sorry, but guess what? You’ve seen way to much.”

I plead, “No, don’t shoot him please! I’ll do anything you want, please!”
An ugly evil smile manifest on his face, “Anything?”
Oh God, I know what he wants.
He steps near me and rubs the outside of his pants near his groin. The other guards are laughing around him.

He looks into Nick’s eyes, “Let’s see how badly she wants to save you, tough guy.”
Maddox keels down in front of me, “Look at these lush lips, round and plump," he touches my lips gently. “You are a very gorgeous woman indeed.”
“Please don’t do it,” Nick pleads.
Maddox levels his pistol at Nick’s temple, “Shut up!”
I lean towards Nick, “I’ll do anything to save you! You know I will! I have to, or he’ll kill you!”

“Open that cute sexy mouth,” Maddox orders as he begins to unzip his pants.
"I hope you don’t mind an audience, motioning to the other guards around us. They chuckle, one of them yells, “Suck it baby!”

“Don’t do it,” Nick pleads again.
“You heard your fans. I want it to be good, or he dies,” pointing his pistol at Nick again.

Nick turns to him, “You talk about sniveling cowards, and you're going to do me like my friend over here? One shot to the head? Show us what a real man you are, and unhand cuff me. Your special forces right? You surly can handle a punk like me. Don’t you want to do me with your bare hands? It’s close quarters in here, not much room for me to run from you. It shouldn’t take you to long at all.”

Something is going on behind those evil eyes of Maddox, Nick has somehow pulled a cord in him – getting to him. The challenge is too good to pass up. It’s probably been awhile since he’s killed anybody with his bare hands. He motions to a security officer to unhand cuff Nick. Maddox yells to another guard, “Open the side hatch!”

The guard slides it open and the frosty cold air blast in. Nick gets to his feet.
Maddox unbuckles his holster and tosses it to a security officer, “Okay, here are the rules, in the next thirty seconds your going to do all you can, to keep me from throwing your fucking ass out of this aircraft. How’s that sound hero?”

“30 seconds? Is it going to take you that fucking long?” Nick with his tough guy voice.
He changes his stance, it’s a fighting stance, one that I recognize. Right about now Maddox and I realize that Nick is not your average bar room brawler.
“So your going to put up a fight huh?” Maddox putting his fists up.
Nick with his cold hard fearless stare, “I aiming for a kill.”

They begin circling in the small area. Maddox throws a couple of jabs that are blocked by Nick.
In an instant Nick blocks a kick from Maddox and retaliates with a lightning fast combo. Maddox stumbles back with a very surprised look on his face. He took a hit. He wipes blood from his mouth, and continues to move to his right. He attacks again only to find himself on the floor of the chopper. He rolls and jumps to his feet.

“You’re no punk! I think you’re a ringer! No one has ever took me down like that!”
The other guards draw their aim on Nick.
Maddox orders, “Don’t shoot him!” He then picks up his pistol and shoves the barrel up against Nicks forehead, “Who in the hell are you?!”

Nick looking straight into his eyes, “The guy that just kicked your fucking ass.”
Maddox forces Nick to the opened door. Okay hero, I’m going to give you a choice, how do you want to die?'

“Old age.” Nick answers.
“Oh, a smart ass, okay here’s how it’s going down. Your going to show me how tough you really are. I’m going to give you a choice, one, I shoot you in the back of the head and you die like a pussy. Or two, you jump to your death, like a hero, saving you girl friend, take your pick!”

“Please let him live, I said I’ll do whatever you want!” My begging for mercy means nothing to an animal like him. Several red laser dots land on my chest. Nick knows they got me. Time slows down as Nick looks over his shoulder at me and smiles, that moment is forever ingrained in my memory.

I will never forget it, the emotional bond we’ve built together in the short time we’ve been together, he unleashed feelings in me I thought I never had. The way I felt when he would hold me in his arms, the way he would always make me laugh and ease the tension. The intense passion that flowed from him when we made love -

He jumps.
I scream “No!” closing my eyes at that precise second. A piece of my heart is cut from me. I didn’t know Nick long, but I actually found myself falling in love with him. A very unique man, one I have never encountered before and may never meet again. Then anger takes over, Maddox stole something from me that is truly precious! I’m going to make him pay!

“Damn you, you didn’t have to kill him!” This man Maddox, reeks of evil, I wonder if I’m next?
“So what’s going to happen to me?” I get ready for a fight to my death!
Maddox slides the door close, “Lieutenant Ava Vickers, United States Marines, intelligence. I know who you are, you’ve got proper top secret clearance – good as gold. Sit back and relax, no worries.”

Maddox holsters his pistol as he steps over Tillman’s dead body on his way back to where he was seated. He motions to one of the other security officers,“Bag'em, he stinks to high Heaven.”

The security guard pulls out a black body bag. I sit back feeling morose as I watch them put Tillman's body into the bag. I wanted nothing more than to kill Maddox with a chop to his throat. Then watch him slowly choke to death on his own blood. See his eyes roll back and watch him squirm on the floor like the worm that he is.

Show him the same kind of merciless brutality he did to Nick and Tillman. Even hand cuffed I'm dangerous. I knew I could at least kill Maddox before they killed me, but I had to keep my head cool, just like my training taught me. I thought about dad, he always said to complete the mission, stay cool headed, pick your moment when it’s to your advantage, all in good time.

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