Reality Wave - Holographic Enemies - Chapter 49


I’m in front and center of my squad. This will be the first time I will brief my squad on a mission. They’re seated in a roll of folding chairs in the center of our barracks. I deeply respect all of them as soldiers and as a veteran unit, they’re a highly organized killing machine, something only experience on the battlefield can bring. So it’s very important I connect with them as their commanding officer. “Alright listen up. I’ve uploaded new data to our strategic database."

I notice no one seems to be listening, looking at their faces they show little emotion, probably because they’ve been through countless military mission briefings before. I’m also aware that I’m not getting their full attention because they still don’t see me as their Squad leader yet. Colby is yawning and stretching his arms out. Taylor is pinching Garcia’s ass. Meyers sitting in a daze, not sure if anything is going on in his thick head. Shepherd whispering sweet nothings into Boyer’s ear. Loo, she always looks like she’s meditating if not kicking a bag around. Armstrong fumbling with a deck of cards.

However, they’re about to be awakened to a new type of war, where the enemy aren’t members of the human race. They’re the kind of things nightmares are made of. They’re going to need new tactics, and new weapons to fight this war for flat Earth. And of coarse, new learning tools, so without warning to any of them, I will project a high definition 3D Reptilian with my chip. Okay if you’re not going to pay any attention to me, then maybe this will get your attention.

Suddenly a ferocious Reptilian leaps into the room as if it just arrived from another reality. “Holy shit!” Colby blurts out as he falls backward on his chair. The others scatter like ants. Obviously they haven’t been exposed to some of this advanced holographic technology yet. Now I’m absolutely certain I’ve got their attention as they scatter for cover. I don’t blame any of them for reacting like bunch of terrified children in a haunted house attraction.

Since I’ve seen the real thing, this holographic image is incredibly realistic, this projection appears as a solid living creature, you could not tell if it was the real thing or not. I mean if I didn’t know it was an animated projection, I would be the first one running from this room in sheer terror.

The Reptilian is quite startling, the eyes dart back and forth as though looking at the squad trying to decide which one to eat first. Its forked tongue zips in and out, as the tail whips back and forth. Saliva even drools from its jaws. You can see a shadow under it adding to its 3d appearance. What makes this thing so terrifying is that it stands over eight feet tall, an accurate average height for this entity. I wanted to just laugh out loud as Colby runs behind Armstrong for protection.

“Colby get a hold of yourself!” Armstrong yells at him. But I can see they are all startled, except Loo, who steps forward and waves her hand right through it. She was the only one to keep it together. She was keen enough to be aware of my reaction to the image. She saw I wasn’t affected by it revealing that it was not real.

Loo turns to the others, “You are all frightened by a mere illusion.” Everyone starts cussing and complaining. “Keep it down!” Armstrong hollers. Loo is right, your all acting like a bunch of scared kids. I can’t believe this!"

Colby picks up his chair, “Sorry sir, but that thing scared the shit out of me!”
Then suddenly it screeches, the surround sound system jars everyone because no one expected sound too. Colby drops his chair again, “Sir I think I did shit, seriously, I'm going to need to change my damn underwear!”

Sit down Colby! No body leaves until the Lieutenant gives us our mission briefing!"
“But sir!”
“Sit down!”
Meyers fans under his nose, “Damn, sorry dog but I ain’t sitting next to you.”
“Yeah right, very funny!” Colby walking like he has a loaded diaper on.
“Colby, sit the fuck down!!” Armstrong on him.
Colby wrinkles his nose and squints his eyes as he slowly takes his seat. The others slide their seats away leaving Colby up front by himself.

Now that their egos have been cracked, it’s my chance to show them I’m their leader, “Alright people, this is just a little test, this is what you will be up against! Now imagine possibly hundreds of these coming at you from all directions! Do you think you're up to the challenge? They’re flesh eaters, so they see us as only their next meal. They approximately range from 7 to 12 feet in height, not including the tail. Extremely strong and fast. Having encountered the real thing, I know this is very accurate. They come in a variety of colors with distinct markings that could indicate a biological ranking order. Higher ranking ones have tails. Equipped with high-density flex alloy body armor, pulse phased lasers are their main weapon of choice. Are there any questions?"

Even with the shit packed underwear Colby immediately raises his hand. With his baby face, he looks like the precocious first grader sitting in the front roll on the first day of school.
I point to him, “Yes Private Colby,”
“Sir pardon my French, but what the fuck is it?”
Chuckles trickle from the squad. Well, maybe not what a first grader would say, but then again with kids, who knows.
Evidently, they haven’t been told much, Colby continues his question, " Is it an alien, or some kind of mutant?"

Garcia turns to the other squad members, “See, it's a Chupacabra, I told you we would be hunting them!”
“Okay, so you haven’t been updated on your mission?”
Colby scratches his ear, “Sir, we don’t even know what are mission is.”
Sergeant Armstrong interjects, " Sir we are in a need to know protocol, what we do know, it involves seek and destroy, and that is what we’ve been trained for. We’ve been on a holding pattern for the last few weeks since the Pentagon attack."

“Okay your mission is to seek and destroy, and this is a Reptilian, it is what you have to destroy,” I motion to the projected image. Okay, judging by their expressions they seem to be taking this in so far. But this next one might raise some eyebrows at the very least. A 3D frightening horned, winged demon-like creature soars over us, I even duck down, I can’t get over how real this thing appears. Colby gets up off the floor, and his hand immediately goes up again. They begin looking at each other, maybe a little confused.

“Yes private?”
“What the Hell sir, that looks like a demon.”
Taylor cuts in, “That sure looks like something straight out of Hell!”
Garcia shouts “El Diablo!”

“Yes it does have a demonic or devilish appearance, but it's just coincidental.” I don’t even believe what I’m saying, but I can’t put my personal beliefs into the official information I present to them. So I go on with the official, “This creature is an imperial Draconian, they stand between 12 and 20 feet in height. Extremely powerful can draw electrical power from the atmosphere to use it as a weapon. Very large horns on its head, razor sharp, it has a 25-foot wingspan enabling it to travel at high speed. So take a good look, you do not want to bump into this guy in a dark alley."

I know this next one will totally confuse them, a large menacing Grey alien seems to walk through the wall behind me. “A synthetic life form, known as the tall Grey."
Colby picks at his nails, “Sir, that’s an alien, I know because I’ve seen them in movies, except that one is really big."

I continue, “We have no data on who created them, but they are very interested in our DNA. A variety of species exist. These particular large species have a 10-foot stature, large wrap around eyes. Conventional weapons are useless against them because this is a combat model with a high-density skeletal armor.”

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