The Snowy ❄️ Flower’s 🌸 Dream - A Short Story📝


One lovely snowy ⛄️ white day, a flower 🌸 sprung up. It wasn’t summer 🌞 yet, but seems the flower was in a hurry. It came out days before it was supposed to. Day by day, it was getting more beautiful even in the midst of snow.

One day, a raindrop 💧 fell from the sky 🌫 onto the flower. “Where do you come from”, asked the flower. “I come from up in the sky where the sun ☀️ shines bright”, replied the raindrop. “You will love it there”, it said.

The flower dreamed of the day she will see the sun. She tried stretching but try as she may, she wasn’t making any progress, the shrubs wasn’t making things easier. She prayed for summer to come early so she could catch a glimpse of the beautiful sun snowdrop spoke about.

As she prayed and hoped for the best, a little girl was passing by and saw her. “The first flower I’ve seen all season!”, she exclaimed. The little girl picked up the flower and sent it home. She set it in a vase of water close to the window where the sun always shown on her. Her dream finally came through.

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