When it is below zero

The comparison is always made between cold and heat, in relation to the climate they wonder at what level either of the two could be tolerated; This is highly variable and depends on the intensity, because in a state of heat you seek to solve it by looking for cool places, turning up the air conditioning, drinking refreshing drinks, taking a bath with cold water as long as you have these options available.

When it comes to a cold environment, it seems to be the favorite of many, a pleasant climate that allows you to be relaxed and that, depending on the temperature, is used to stay warm, with hot drinks, inside the house and is even enjoyed to sleep sheltered. However, extremes are another serious issue because there are certain places that go through a state of near freezing when they are below freezing with bitter cold that makes it almost impossible to stay outside.

A situation arises in which everything begins to freeze, the streets become impassable and the recommendation for this is to be protected with the appropriate clothing, cover yourself from head to toe because the consequences for those who are exposed to this type of cold are unfortunate. from getting sick to losing your life. It is sad how unprotected animals under these states cannot survive, some are rescued while others do not have the same luck.

There are those who are prepared and know how to act and protect themselves, while others risk a lot by leaving home putting their lives at risk, they do not take the necessary measures in this type of situation, without seeing that there is an alert.

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