Desert Memories.

It's been over a week since I got the feeding tube out and I feel so much more free without that thing in me.
The wound appears to have mostly sealed over and scabbed up, though it's not 100% yet and I'm still slightly worried something could go wrong.

I Googled it and a page I read said to give it two weeks and if it's not totally sealed then go to the hospital to have them stitch it up.

I also found other dos and don'ts that the surgeon never told me which was a bit frustrating... But, hopefully it heals up good and I don't have to go to the hospital again...

In other news it looks like I finally gained about 10 pounds since leaving the physical rehab place which was around 2 months ago I think? It's been going slow... The first couple weeks since I got home the scale barely moved at all...

The next couple weeks I started gaining a pound and then losing it and then gaining another pound and losing it... Then next couple weeks I'd gain a couple pounds and then lose them and then gain a couple more and lose them.

Then in the last couple weeks it seems like I've been gaining more than losing and it feels like I'm finally making some solid progress!
I've been studying weight gain and stuffing my face and drinking protein/calorie drinks a lot and it seems to be working!

I'm still very skinny and light weight and self conscious about it, though I gotta remind myself I was so sick I almost died and didn't eat or drink for around a week and then was immobilized in ICU for close to two weeks and then eating very little and very limited in my ability to exercise for over a month.

I'm also still taking it easy on exercise since getting the tube out and gonna try to wait until it seals up and scars over before I go on my next adventure or do much else in regard to exercise.

I feel positive and optimistic, yet still trying to be patient and careful.
Hopefully before too long I'm able to hike a mountain or go for a jog. :)

This picture I included is another one from my amazing adventures before I got sick.
This place was wayyy out there in nature where I think few people ever go.

The sky was totally blown out white because of the time of day and angle I was at so I really had to do a lot of photoshop to get it looking somewhat decent and unfortunately I made some of the trees a bit blue to get the sky looking less bright white and a lil blue.
It's not an image I'm trying to sell and it's just for fun to share so I don't mind.

But, anyways... This spot was neat in my opinion! Some more cool trees, a pair of them and right on top of a pretty high cliff and then what looks like some "desert varnish" draining down the side.

I just did a Google search and found this exceprt... "A complete coat of manganese-rich desert varnish takes thousands of years," so it looks like this black drainage or desert varnish on the side of this cliff may have taken thousands of years to form... Neat.

And finally I would just try to quickly mention that I had some interesting dreams last night/this morning.
In one of them a psychic was telling me something like "That I didn't come here to be here", and that it "Just sort of happened".

My mother and others have a belief that we sort of decide we're going to be here before we are born and that we make deals or arrangements with everyone else we're going to interact with before we come to life and experience all that.

Whether true or not I have no idea, though the psychic seemed to be implying it was an accident that I'm here and I was an actual accident according to my parents as well, they didn't plan me and I think my father wanted an abortion at first because he felt like he wouldn't be able to take care of me, yet my mom refused and thankfully they didn't abort me because I'm grateful that I got to live for a while!

That also reminds me of the story where on the morning I was born a UFO allegedly followed the midwife to the house and just hovered outside for a while like right when I was being born... I wonder if that could also tie into the story of how I didn't choose to be here and that it sort of just happened?

Weird and thought provoking either way! I've never had a psychic show up in my dreams before let alone tell me something so interesting, so that was pretty cool...

That's enough for me for now, peace and I hope you have a wonderful day and onwards! <3 👽 🤗 🧙