Another small update and a nature pic!


The Sedona movie me and my father made just went over 80 thousand views on YouTube. :)

I know those numbers aren't totally accurate and I don't know how many watched the movie all the way through, though... There's over 1100 upvotes to 36 downvotes so I tend to think it has been significantly appreciated and that makes me happy.

There's also a lot of amazing comments which are truly humbling and I'm glad at least one of my video projects ended up reaching a decent amount of people.

It's hard to imagine getting more amazing footage than we already got when it comes to rainbows and lightning and things like that, though... I have a feeling our next movie will be even more epic even if it doesn't have as good of footage in regard to such.

Our next movie is going to be really special and I look forward to being able to hopefully eventually share it with you assuming nothing tragic happens to stop it from being created.

On a another note I went on a decent adventure yesterday and another smaller one a few days before that and I am still super weak, but... I feel like I'm getting stronger and it's not taking as long as it used to to recover!

I'm feeling optimistic about the future and am so happy to be getting outside again more often! :)

Anyways... I guess that's it for now, peace and bye until next time! <3

PS... I'll put a link to me and my father's movie below if anyone would like to check it out.

PSPS... The picture included is just a sort of nice sunset. I don't remember when I took it and it's not super amazing, but it's nice and pleasant feeling and I like it!

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