Another short update.

Yesterday I went on another adventure!
It was only the third hike I've been on since I left the hospitals and got home.

The forest was closed for a while due to fires and fire risk and then I got busy and it took me a while after it all opened back up, but I had such a good time I really want to try to get outside and go on hikes much more often!

This was the first time I ventured away from the main road, though I was still within yelling distance of houses and if something happened someone would probably hear me if I yelled enough.

I went to a spot nicknamed Flat Rock as there was a fire over there recently I wanted to check... Looks like it only burned around 100 feet in one direction and 20 to 30 in the other and I'm glad people got there to put it out quick!

Was quite difficult, in the past that would have been literally nothing for me to hike up there and back...
I'm reminded of how weak I still am, and it's going to be a while... Though, I believe in myself, I'm super inspired and I'm going to keep at it! <3

I had a bunch of fun and became more optimistic that if I just keep at it I'm eventually going to be as strong or stronger than I was before. :)

In other news... My shoulder has been feeling a lot better ever since I got my computer chair set up and have been sitting down with back and arm support... I was standing this whole time since I got home, lol... Or sitting on the side of my bed which didn't have support and wasn't helping my shoulder.

My birthday is in around a month and not too long after that it should start cooling down a bit and then it's hopefully going to be time to get back to my previous adventures if I'm strong enough...! Peace, bye until next time and I hope you have a good day.

PS... The picture is of me with my beloved Indiana Jones hat before I got sick... Those were some of the greatest memories of my life and my smile is legit. Hopefully before too long I'm out there again! <3


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