A night shot and some commentary.

Yesterday I thought it had mostly finished raining so I tried to go out for an adventure and it was still sprinkling a little bit and then I got like half a mile away from where I live and it started raining heavier again... :\

I didn't want to get completely soaked so I tried to run for pretty much the first time since the whole botulism thing... And it was more like jogging than running and extremely difficult, lol... But, it was a wonderful workout.

Also... There was actually one other time when I was in rehab that I ran a little bit, but it was a bit different as I was on the Zero G machine which is like a million dollar machine that helps people who have been paralyzed or who have other serious injuries learn how to walk again and I couldn't have really fallen down on the ground if I wanted to because the machine was holding me up.

Anyways back to the story... I still got pretty soaked and was frustrated about that, yet tried to find the bright side of it and was grateful that I got pushed out of my comfort zone to work my body in a way that I hadn't really done yet since getting sick!

When I got home I was actually so inspired that I continued the workout and did some shadowboxing, squats and horse stance until my legs were pretty much "done" and now I'm pleasantly sore today.

I'm not really a big "runner" for various reasons, though I do think it will be good for me to get out and try to run more often...

I kinda have to start over and rebuild my body and I think running more often will be helpful to get me back to where I was or perhaps eventually even stronger than I was!

Especially sprinting when I get strong enough... I used to sprint when younger and it's quite an effective exercise if you do it right.

So... I didn't get to go on the adventure I wanted... But, it ended up being a very rewarding experience nonetheless!

Also, this picture included is from last year when I was out doing night photography with my father. This one came out particularly cool in my opinion!

Not totally sure what the lines are... I think they are just stars that are blurring as I was zooming in/out to try to get a weird effect, however I'm just a bit puzzled by why the rest of the stars aren't like that and only some of them are?

Quite a dramatic and beautiful picture though from my perspective. I really love nature and I keep realizing how glad I am to still be here to be able to experience it!

Anyways. That's it for me today, peace and best wishes! <3 👽 🤗 🧙 🦋


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