A beautiful sunset and some more thoughts.

We had another significant storm move through yesterday! I'm loving all the rain and wind and lightning!

I haven't gone out to look yet, but I heard some loud noises and I think part of the wall over there caved in by the wash and maybe a tree fell in too.

Thankfully where we live we're pretty far from the wash and will probably be okay for a long time, but our neighbors are pretty close to it and hopefully they don't get flooded.

It's weird... I know it's irrational or unreasonable to think that this weather has anything to do with me... But, it almost feels like nature is happy that I'm back and that there's a rebirth going in with nature similar to how I feel I'm coming back to life after being sick.

I don't have much else to report, but... There's still a lot more to talk about in regard to my whole botulism/hospital experience, so... I think I'll mention some of that.

These next stories are mostly some funny memories that I had.

When I was in the medical rehab place I remember one of my main nurses was teaching me how to use the feeding tube and I accidentally spilled my gastric juices on myself which seemed rather disgusting and he said something like...

At least now if I ever go to a party I'll have something to talk about and I can tell them how one time I spilled my own gastric juices on myself...

Then there was also this funny elderly lady in the gym who kept telling all these inappropriate jokes and in some cases was yelling them across the room to patients on the other side of the room.

One of the jokes she yelled across the room was... "What's a kind of bird that doesn't have children...?" Answer: "A Swallow".

She had a bunch of other inappropriate sexual sorts of jokes too, I don't remember them all, but it was pretty hilarious and I appreciate her spirit.

It's healing to laugh and she was helping us with that.

Then one of my best memories was meeting this other nurse in training who had all these corny "dad" jokes as he described them and I got inspired to tell the corny one single joke that I knew "What does a vegetarian zombie eat?" The answer: "grains" instead of "brains".

And when I said it my voice sounded all weird because of the throat surgery and the gizmo I had in my throat so I kinda sounded like a zombie and the whole room laughed and it was great! :D

Made me so happy to make others laugh, that's one of my new favorite things.

I need to work on learning more corny jokes though! Feel free to share any if you have any! :D

Then there's the "changing oil" story... When I was struggling pretty bad having a hard time breathing and choking on my own secretions pretty much every day and night my main physical therapist came up with an idea to try to help using percussion massage.

We managed to get me in a position where I was laying down at an angle on my stomach on a pillow which was extra difficult with the feeding tube sticking out of my stomach and she would sort of "slap" my back with force to shake things up in there and I would do a breathing technique and then try to cough up whatever came out...

And oh my god... A lot of "shit" came out, we filled up almost half a cup of this stuff and she described it as looking sort of like "banana pudding" lol... And then she told me that it also kind of felt like she was "changing the oil" in a car.

That was hilarious in my opinion and we kept joking about that pretty much the rest of the time I was there on and off and... It's kinda funny, but also... She might have literally saved my life with that...

After she got that stuff out of me... It helped me breath so much better and I could lay on my side for the first time in a long time and almost lay horizontal on my back as well.

One other funny thing about the experience I had recently is... I had so many needles of different sizes and qualities stabbed into me including ones that sort of "shocked me" with electricity to measure nerve stuff and so many different tubes put in me and other medical contraptions and was put under giant machines that scanned my brain and body and was wheeled around all over the place and transported by others because I was too weak to even walk and sometimes even get into or out of bed that... I started making the joke that the whole experience was really good practice for being abducted by aliens!

Haha... Now, if I ever get abducted I think I'll be less afraid and have more experience with weird medical stuff being done to me! 👽

Anywho... That's it for me today. Seeya later and much love always! <3 🧙 🦋

PS... I can't remember when I took this shot, but it sure is a nice sunset in my opinion! :)


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