Doing a favour is not wrong but it is fair


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If someone ask you for a favor and you do , but he do nothing for you. What does its mean?
They are just using you.
You Are Using Yourself
Eleanor Roosevelt once said: "If somebody betrays you once it is their fault, If they betray you twice it is your fault".
You fully understand that if you do this person any favour, you are not likely to ever have one returned. That means if you ever decide to do a favour to them then it must be on the basis of that favour being unconditional.
It is usual that people will be fair about their favours to each other.It is excellent and very good for sustained friendship.
When I want to help other people I do so because I want to assist. I don't expect them to return me favor. Its always nice when someone does. But I am not keeping score. I choose to help for helping. I also like to imagine that I'm a good person.

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