Drowning With Money



Why most relationship fail is that you can't save people from themselves
because they will just grab hold of you and you will both
be on a lifeline and go under the water, neither of you will emerge to the top and its going to be a continuous struggle till one person let go.
There is only one way to save someone from drowning
and that is to teach them how to swim.
Most people usually look forward to what they want from a relationship forgetting about how they feel when they are in a relationship. If you feel like drowning in a relationship, u should learn how to swim rather than drowning your partner with you.
And this same logic appears for our relationship with money. Most times we are focus on saving ourselves with money and forget how we feel when we have a lot or less money. Money can drown u if you fail to realise how it makes you feel while focusing on how to save yourself with it, you will keep saving yourself with whatever money you make instead of using the money to make yourself feel better.

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