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What were your favorite sibling games? Some of the games that I played with Crystal, my younger sister, includes House, Tag, Wrestling, Lava House Race, Bonus Game, Club, & Mario games.

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House was played mostly with Tiffany Cumbo but sometimes with others. In the game of Sim House, you simulate, as children what it might be like to be grown-ups, to be parents, to have kids, to have family.

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Tag was mostly played at the park & with many people. I've played tag way more often than house or any of these other games. We played lava, cartoon, tunnel, & other variations of tag, too.

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I would mostly play wrestling with Crystal around 1992 when I was seven in the front yard but a few times with others. I was a big fan of Hulk Hogan & a little bit of the Rock Dwayne Johnson as a teen in the 2000's.

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In the Lava House Race, we would try to race through the whole house trailer without touching the hot lava floors & we would normally start in my room & race to our parent's room on the other side.


The Bonus Game was an obstacle course game we played mostly in 1993 & it involved a lot of imagination & I made up the rules, the objectives, & the points too like Drew Carey did in Whose Line Is It Anyways?

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My older sister had a club around 1990 & I sometimes would try to recreate it after that with others: it mirrored Word Of Life & Salvation Army & Awana & church clubs: the club kind of had activities, dues, etc.


I played Nintendo Mario NES, SNES, & N64, games with people in the 1990's, & one of my favorites I played a lot with Crystal was Mario Kart 64. Before that, it was Mario All-Star on SNES. I love Nintendo to this day.

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That is my list so far from the top of my head. This list focused mostly on games between me, @JOEYARNOLDVN, and my sister, CRYSTAL ANN ARNOLD or CRYSTAL BALL, & focused on the 1990's in the USA. 2017-08-26 SATURDAY 6 PM OTC Q1 HCM VN FG OR USA.

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