My Massive Attack Remix - Unfinished Sympathy

My most successful remix!


Came to life last summer during the first lockdown, I really loved the original track 'Unfinished Sympathy' by Massive Attack, it is poignant, emotive and absolutely timeless. I had found, somehow, the strings to this track and I thought, wouldn't it be amazing to turn this into a house track to play at clubs.

There is a fellow producer, and she is a friend of mine and I am also a fan of her house sound, especially on one of her tracks, the artist im talking about is Just Her. A few years ago she put out this anthem of a track called 'Follow You Down' - and its a track that symbolizes my early years in Brighton; oh she lives in Brighton too and we're good friends.

Just Her - Follow You Down

So after listening to this song for the past few years, I knew the kinda angle I wanted to go for this Massive Attack remix. I had to get the breakdown sounding right just to solo those sad sweeping strings, I then wanted to throw the original track in during the breakdown to create a build for the crowd and then 'booof' the main drop with looped vocal and string parts. I will eventually do a post on 'how to do a remix' but that requires a sit down and a think!

The track was made and it was put out there as a free download. Nothing really came of it, until I contacted Fatboy Slim - also a Brighton resident - and asked if I could send it to him. Turns out, he loved it and put it on one of his 'lockdown mixtapes' which then gave it a much bigger audience.

The track itself is a free download so if you enjoy it, please help yourself. It was a track made with love, during a strange time of 2020, in homage to another friend's sound and how their music has touched my life.

Big love, James x

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