Reorganized my workdesk for audio remastering. (shortie)

I recently found some old audio tape recordings from my drawer, so I got my stereo kit serviced so I could listen, and even digitize them for posterity.

One of the tapes was made by my grandpa from mother's side in 1980, and it was plenty interesting. I was enthralled to hear his voice after so many years after his death. I think that was around 1986. Hard to remember the exact year, have to check. Among other things, he played harmonica, and told a true "hunting" story.

Another tape was recorded in 1982, by my grandmother, my dad's mom who died just before my trip to Thailand in 2019. Her voice sounded a lot younger than I remembered it. She was reading stories of Anni Swan, a relatively famous Finnish author.

I also found some music I had forgotten I had even made one tape of my own, and one I created with an old guitarist friend of mine... and some old dramatized children's' stories.

I'm going to save them all into digital form so they won't get lost.

My current audio workstation

I figure I might post some resulting audio later...

See ya then!

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