Work is just a part of Life and not Life

I feel sad for those people who cannot think beyond work. There are many such people for who, Life is just about work, if you take away their work from them, they will be in a space of complete emptiness.

Few days ago, a lady that I was talking to, she is having major stress issues, not getting proper sleep and depressed most of the times. On a little chat with her, got to know that she had issues with her first marriage and also some childhood issues of being away from parents. All of that has built up and the result is that she has completely disconnected herself from everything and everyone and have got absorbed only with work. She has major trust issues with people. I have been dealing with her work related in the last couple of months, and I always see that she is very hyper, gets paranoid over little matters and absolutely does not trust anyone. I purposely triggered this conversation with her, to understand what is the root cause of this behavior.

It did not take much of effort, she immediately opened up. Guess she was already looking for some help, so when I asked her a little, she opened up her whole life to me. I was feeling sad, but my purpose was to help her in some way I can and the first thing that I could advise her was that she needs to start having a life outside of work.


Right now, all her time is only spent working. She is the COO of the company, so definitely she has responsibilities but no one should make their work the only thing in life to do. Since she works all the time, she also expects that others should also work in the same manner. Specially her direct team members who are single, she feels that if they do not have a family then they should also dedicate all their time to work. Which I do not feel is right.

Well on counselling her, I did not want to start putting everything in a way that she should not be doing this or that, because that way she would feel that I am trying to find faults with her. My approach is to make her taste the other side of life, because till she does not take the sweet taste of life the bitterness will not go so easily. That will also help relax her mind. The best part is that she is wanting to change, she does understand that the frequency she is in is not very pleasant.

For all those people who think that work is the top most priority of life, it is not that way. The top most priority of life is you, yourself. One needs to take good care of this self, emotionally, mentally, physically, in all ways. If you are someone like this lady for who it becomes a struggle to think, what can be done in time when you do not work, then you surely need help, and it's ok to take help, there is no need to shy off.

A short glimpse of my messages to her. She has come to me for help, and I am going to try my best to heal her.

For people who work extra-long hours, it is important to remove the ME time and spend some time in nature, or doing things that relaxes the mind. It is important to give our mind this break and some nourishment. For young people, they should spend time travelling, exploring life. This lady is just 30 years old and she does not know what else she can do in life besides work, Can you imagine, what her state of mind will be. The prime youth years of life, which is meant for fun, experiencing life, is all being spent on a keyboard. That's not life at all. Time flies and then suddenly one fine day, you realize that all those years where you could have lived life, you only worked. That would be a moment of regret.

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