Writing can be a way of discussing with yourself regarding your thoughts

One thing that Jordan Peterson said in one of his classes a while ago was that in order to teach kids how to think you must teach them how to write, and how to do it properly. I can say that I agree with that quite a lot, at least when it comes to myself.

I am the type of person who cannot think long about a single thing. My mind is constantly in motion, going from thought to thought in the search of something more and more interesting. In a way, it's a good thing, because I rarely get bored with myself. However, this also has a few downsides, the biggest one being that it's hard for me to focus on a single thing for too long.

One thing that helped at the beginning, after reading the book "Organized Mind" written by Daniel J. Levitin was the write my thoughts on a piece of paper whenever I was thinking about something interesting that I wanted to remember. This way I would liberate my mind and allow it to flow without having to also try to remember everything it considers interesting.

While that helped back then, and it still helps today, it doesn't stop me from rethinking about the same things again and again. Sometimes my brain gets stuck on a subject and it focuses on it for hours, sometimes even days.

What I discovered to help me get over a subject that is stuck in my brain is to either do enough research on it so that all the questions and uncertainties I might have disappear, or to simply write about it in a way that I can put all my chaotic and everlasting moving thoughts on paper in some sort of an order.

This allows my brain to take a break, to consider the subject itself as being developed enough and to move onto something else. This also helps me sometimes get a better understanding of a certain topic. Only thinking about it doesn't always do much, because of the chaotic nature of my mind. Putting the facts and theories on paper makes me see things a lot clearer.

Not only that but writing about my thoughts also helps me come up with more ideas for articles. I just convert whatever I write into a post and share it on Hive, Medium or whatever other platform I happen to use at the time.

This way not only do I liberate my brain, allowing it to move on from the subject and focus on other things, but I also come up with content that I can post.

Ultimately, this is kind of therapeutic at times. If I'm stuck on a bunch of negative thoughts that don't make much sense, and yet are there, writing about them helps me view them in a different light and analyze them properly. It allows me to discredit them and to realized that they are nothing but an invention of my imagination and anxiety, and I have no reason to feel disturbed by such a thing.

There are many reasons why anyone should write, and I think that each individual person should find their own reason for doing it. I think that writing can be a way of discussing with yourself regarding your thoughts, a way to analyze yourself and what you think about, and discover things you might've otherwise ignored.

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