I have to take a break from writing

I am not going to write a 600 words article to explain why I'm taking a break, because the reason is fairly simple, and I see no reason to trick you into reading for 5 minutes before you get to the main point.

I'm leaving for work.

I will finally get to start working, after a long wait, after the Covid restriction are being lifted a bit, which is great. However, since I will leaving home, I will not have access to my computer for around 5 months (I'm coming back in November, don't know any specific day tho).

For the first month at least I will not have anything but my phone, 2 agendas for sketching (I hope I'll get into that), 3 agendas for writing ideas, and a big one for other types of writing, plus one book, so I'll be fine.

After the first month, once I get paid, I'll buy a laptop (looking into getting a Lenovo IdeaPad 5 15 inch, but I'm gonna have to hope I'll actually find it somewhere. It's quite hard to find it in stock anywhere from what I've heard because the laptop brings incredible value for the money).

Once I get a laptop I might start posting every now and then, but I won't be able to stick to the daily schedule that I started following lately, because I'll be busy with work.

All in all, this is not a bad thing - quite the opposite. This job represents a huge opportunity for me to change my financial situation for the better really quickly, and even my life in a much faster way, so I'm happy to start working.

I'll see you after a month or, in case I have to spend more time working than usual and I won't have time to post anything, in November.

Stay safe!

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