Getting good at writing once again after a break


I took many breaks from writing in the past, for a multitude of reasons - being too busy with other projects, spending too much time at my job, being burned out, and so on.

Recently, I took a break for almost two months because I went to another country to work, and I had nothing to post on. Even if I did, I would've probably never posted anything because the job is fairly physically demanding, so for the first month I was exhausted pretty much all the time.

Now that I got back to writing once again, at least partially, I noticed that I can't write as quickly as I did before. Again.

Notice that I said "writing", not typing. I'm still at 90+ words per minute, so that's not the problem. But writing a decent article, that's harder. It's the only thing that annoys me about taking breaks from writing - I know that when I'll start doing it again, I'm gonna be slow, and It's gonna take me too long to write anything worth posting.

The worst part is that there's almost no way to avoid this, except writing from time to time even after you decided to take a break, either for your blog/websites, or in a personal journal. Otherwise, you will have trouble writing after a longer break.

There's a single solutions as far as I know, and it's annoying and tedious - you need to be really comfortable with deleting huge chunks of your content. Whatever you write, should be subjected to change or deletion, and you should be completely okay with it.

It's the only constant method I used that always worked for me. I write, and I don't worry too much about how much I'm deleting - I just do it the second something doesn't feel right. And then I'm rewriting the sentence, paragraph, or the entire article if I need to.

You have to get back into being used to put the right words in your articles, and that takes a little bit of practice to get used to again. You'll have to go through some trial and error and learn to express yourself as well as you did before. It will be annoying and it will take a bit, depending on how much you write, but you'll eventually get there.

So, if you want to take a break, or you already did, and now you're stressed out because you're having a hard time writing anything worth posting - don't worry, it happens to everyone. Just take it easy, and be willing to delete part of what you write, and even everything sometimes, and rewrite things again and again. You will, very shortly, be at the same level you were before, and soon after, you'll be better!

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