Find ways to get satisfaction from your work

I always liked working, at least on things I was interested in, such as graphic design, programming, 3D modelling, and a few other things.

I've had moments when I could work for 12 hours straight with no problems, but also days in which I could not focus for more than 5 minutes on what I was doing without hovering over League of Legends or going back to YouTube to watch just another 10 minutes video.

Overall, I've always liked to work, and I always liked the idea of improving my performance every time. Regardless of my opinion of work and my actions, I'm a very lazy person. I would love to play games all day long, and to have my tasks solve themselves in the background.

That's why I love getting better at things as quick as possible, in order to be able to do more, in less time.

That is what I focus on, no matter what I do, to increase the satisfaction I feel with every productive task.

Right now I'm working in a kitchen, at a restaurant, like I mentioned before, and luckily for me there are different parts of my job where I can try very hard to be as quick and as effective as possible, this way improving both my experience and the flow of everything in the kitchen.

For example, if I can prepare the food or the side dishes that I am responsible for very quickly, and if I can do it very well, then everyone else will be able to just do their jobs, at their own pace, without ever having to wait for me or without having to bother themselves with any of my responsibilities. If I can take the food out as quickly as possible then we'll always be able to cook more, and to have food coming out at regular intervals, without any problems.

Those are just two aspects of my job that I like to be effective at, but even smaller tasks are met with the same desire. If I can learn how to peel potatoes quicker than I can do it now, then I'll be able to peel entire buckets really quickly and then move on to other things. Same thing applies to cutting vegetables or fruits.

As long as I am making progress towards being as effective as possible every day, I'm happy, and I get even a bigger dose of satisfaction when there's a lot of work to be done and I can take care of my tasks really quickly and without mistakes.

This is something that I focus on no matter the activity I'm doing. When I'm writing articles I like to focus on typing as quickly as I can, so I can finish writing as soon as possible and move on to another task. If I'm doing some design work, using shortcuts and scripts to automate certain tasks is something I look forward to doing in order to reduce the amount of time I spend doing unnecessary things such as doing repetitive tasks or looking for the tools I need.

I like being effective, and because of this, even when I don't particularly love the job I'm doing, I can find ways to have at least a bit of fun with my tasks.

Not only that, but it helps me finish my work faster, and other people usually appreciate that, because I can then help them once I'm done with my work, or I just move on towards other tasks that need to be done sooner or later.

The idea is that as long as you can find one thing that you like focusing on regarding your work, and yet regardless of your actual job, you might get to the point where you will enjoy what you do, to a certain degree, no matter what it is.

Maybe you like being as effective as you can, like me, and so trying to be as quick as possible while also doing your work really well is what you might need to start focusing on.

Maybe you like getting rid of tasks that are repetitive and boring, and if you'd look into automation and how to use a computer, if possible, to get rid of some of those tasks, maybe your work will become more interesting.

Or maybe you're one of those people who like to take their time and focus on the small details, no matter what you do. Doing that might help you improve your mood at work.

Learning what makes work fun for you is an awesome tool that will not only allow you to perform better at your job, but might also make time pass quicker, because you do something you enjoy.

It must however be noted that this is not something you can always quickly find out, and it requires some experimentation until you get to what you're seeking. You'll have to try out different strategies and different methods when doing your work in order to see what aspect of it you like best.

But, once you finally figure that out, a lot of jobs will become more entertaining to do, because although you might not love them for what they are, you can focus on that particular part that you enjoy, which can help you do everything you need to do, but in a more entertaining way.

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