Day Job Wins

This week it started to feel like it was really working.

We had a full house at the Sunflower Café with a birthday cake and one of our members in a model railway magazine. Then we watched Remains of the Day in Film Club. A new volunteer leading and being the projectionist so that I could step back and just make popcorn.

I set up a new FB group for the church. We had a public page and a private group. I think a public group is much better for what we want, much more opportunity for people to get to know each other. This stuff is so ridiculously boring though. Everyone's pouring in and it's working, so now we'll see.

Today was Friday Lunch With (Older) Friends (which we used to call, and to be honest, still call "Lunch Club") I made sausage casserole - strictly speaking I made two, one with meat and the other with plant-based sausage. Followed by pear crumble and ice cream. I had another new volunteer helping in the kitchen. She was brilliant, I hope we can hang on to her. While the washing-up was going on, I got my ukulele from the other room and sang a few songs. Lots of help and happy people full of food. Should have made more crumble, they'd have eaten it.


In the past, I'd have needed to stop at that point. I would have been totally wiped and ready to crash, go home, probably be grumpy, need to sleep, then get up hungry and grumpier. Today I just drank lots of water, had some quiet time on my own and then got down to writing some of the things I needed to write, calling the people I needed to call, ticking the todos off my list one. by. one. For the people who say that ADHD isn't a thing or that medication is superfluous: I couldn't do this kind of thing before without serious consequences for me and people around me later on so nah-nah-ne-nah-nah.

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