What are you painting?

Martha Stewart, how does your garden grow? How does your paint dry? Globalists stole her, like me & Tommy Robinson, & threw her in jail. We can paint our way out. Today, was painting primer on our 2 sheds. Have been painting since around 1995 back when I was ten years old.

This post serves as an update to my life. Spent about 5 hours painting today. Here are some photos of it. We have some gardens we grow. We live near Seattle in 2018, that is this year. Love living in jungles, forest, around gardens. Love eating from home grown gardens. Love to eat from my gardens. This post is here to say that I'm a painter as well as a writer, artist, filmmaker, musician, landscaper, designer, teacher, counselor, dishwasher, doctor of oatmeal, to name a few. I've been making lists of occupations I've had, work, jobs, careers, missions, resumes, CVs, as an extension to my biography, all about me. We all do better when we do these things. Be organized. Let people know what you think. A black man stood up at a college Candace Owens Red Pill Black event to talk about Black Lives Matter (BLM) which does not talk about straight black fathers in the house. BLM is funded mostly by Soros, over 30 million dollars. Soros funds Planned Parenthood who kills millions of black babies. The man at the event said he does not hate gay people. Many people say these statements. But I would say it shouldn't matter whether or not I hate you, whether you are gay or not, straight or not, black or not, Muslim or not, Christian or not, because your worth, your value, should not be determined by what I think about you, whether I like you or not, whether people like you or not, or hate you or not, because life is all about you making those choices yourself, for each person, each day, and I encourage each individual to figure these things out each day.

2018-05-31 Thu Paint JA LMS DSC_0007.JPG
2018-05-31 Thu Paint JA LMS DSC_0012.JPG
2018-05-31 Thu Paint JA LMS DSC_0011.JPG2018-05-31 Thu Paint JA LMS DSC_0010.JPG2018-05-31 Thu Paint JA LMS DSC_0009.JPG2018-05-31 Thu Paint JA LMS DSC_0008.JPG2018-05-31 Thu Paint JA LMS DSC_0006.JPG2018-05-31 Thu Paint JA LMS DSC_0005.JPG2018-05-31 Thu Paint JA LMS DSC_0004.JPG2018-05-31 Thu Paint JA LMS DSC_0003.JPG2018-05-31 Thu Paint JA LMS DSC_0002.JPG2018-05-31 Thu Paint JA LMS DSC_0001.JPG

How are you painting your life?


2018-05-31 Thursday 09:05 PM LMS: Painter
Written By Oatmeal Joey Arnold
Published at 11:27 PM

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